Cutting out cattle at the gate


The famous phrase coined by the 1970 biologist Ronald Ericsson describing how the “male producing” Y chromosomes were leaner and faster and could swim down to the bottom of his glass tube more efficiently than the X ones and thus cutting the cattle gate.

I am so sure that feminists of the era were not amused by the cow-boy talk.  Roberta Steinbacher, a social worker and a nun in 1984 noted that there is a universal preference for sons, this applies in many of the world cultures right from China to the Middle East.  Steinbacher noted that women are becoming “second-class citizens” in the universal quest for boys.

In the mid nineties and with the advent of the MicroSort technology selecting the gender of the child, 75% of the requests were for girls.  This is a big surprise to Ericsson, would not you think.

Even more unsettling for Ericsson, choosing the sex of the next generation, neither men nor Ericsson, for that matter, are the bosses.  It is the women.


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