Run-away identity

Changing Roles

Around the mid nineties a well known advertising company was running a research to determine a Male role model type of its future campaigns.  The research was intended to determine a Male role model for 20 to 39 aged men.

Nothing new in this, media companies do such research to see how best they can attract intended audience in their media campaigns.

Men in for decades have identified themselves with the husky  man’s look, slightly unshaven, rough features, the family bread maker, the decisive man, the family head.  They have bombarded us with these images in male product ads day in and days out, and we hooked up to them because we identified ourselves with these role models.

Not any more…..

The research conducted in the mid nineties showed that men are lost, they do not have a male role model, and they have lost their identity.  Men cannot decide their role in society any more.

Men no longer can proclaim the role of the family bread winner, they can no more cling to the muscles and the huskiness as a role, they cannot claim they are the decisive creatures they once been, they no longer the hunters they used to be.

It is a sign of changing times, our progress on this plan have moved us light years from the hunting days, where muscles and hunters’ instinct are greatly in demand.  Our advances have left raw power behind and give rise to discussion, communication and technology in running our daily lives.

Technology, have even deprived men from their unique task in reproduction with advent of fertilization techniques and cloning

Change is inevitable, and our destiny as men will be determined in how can we adapt to this change.

Till this happen, women now placed themselves on the top.  Many will argue, others will complain, but thinkers will find this amazing, I included.  Let us be part of the change rather than opposing it.  I want to be included

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