Your man’s submission color palette

A couple of ladies asked me how can they see submissiveness in their boyfriends and whether they can actually tell if he is submissive. Many males avoid showing their submissive side.  They fear being considered as sissies by other men or not getting along with ladies.  Sometimes it takes a deeper look and understanding of … Continue reading Your man’s submission color palette

Submissive Blog Review: 10 Blogs Posts with some difference

  I am so honored as a submissive male to be following such an amazing talents. Each blog post I have seen reflects talent and innovation. Some blogs , in my view, looked in to aspects that a bit different, used some more efforts and innovation, reflected richer content or more crisp presentation and helped … Continue reading Submissive Blog Review: 10 Blogs Posts with some difference

blog Review: Denim oh submission

Going through numerous blogs from great fashion bloggers, the following are my top 10 favorite denim blogs for last quarter of 2014. Not an easy task; considering the talent of the great ladies, that i visit their blogs. This reflects personal preferences, considering my long years being submissive male to many fashion bloggers and models … Continue reading blog Review: Denim oh submission