blog Review: Denim oh submission

Going through numerous blogs from great fashion bloggers, the following are my top 10 favorite denim blogs for last quarter of 2014. Not an easy task; considering the talent of the great ladies, that i visit their blogs.

This reflects personal preferences, considering my long years being submissive male to many fashion bloggers and models in the process.  These blogs shows innovation, immaculate coordination, fab selection of accessories, blog content and style. here we go….

10:  Outfit: Ripped Denim by Ms. Daria (@dariadariablog)

Ms Daria RippedDeni

Always inspired by Ms. Daria’s blog. The colors and combination always strongly present in her looks. Visit her blog for great looks

9: Classic Chic from Ms Mina von Minamia (@Minamiablog)

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 23.09.54Her blog page is a testimony of her style articulation, always worth the visit.

8:  Chi Town : Ms. Tiffany (@FlauntandCenter)!Chi-town/cmbz/3C667051-7224-4465-A5DD-5F9BF0E3EFE5

Ms TiffanyOne of my favorite bloggers impeccable taste , always great shoes . it is the shoes and the grey and pink combination that got me here. Visiting her site always a great inspiration

7:  Outfit: White/Blue and the new brown Heels Ms. Svetlana (@svetlana_lavend)

IMG_3122I am always a sucker for ripped jeans, the combination of that with both the stripes and the shoes nail that one. Her site always busy with style.

6:  Overalls: Ms. Jeanne Shewmaker (@jeanneshew)

Ms. JeanneAlways intrigued by her free spirit that flows naturally in her looks and blogs, her sophisticated simplicity , in my mind at least, always reflects great backgrounds, this is clear all through her blogs on

5:  Kimono Style from Ms.(@Kleidermaedchen)

kleidermaedchen-outfit-5-800x1200big fan of her site that is big on content and diversity

4:  Dungaree and fine rib: Ms. Jana Wind (@bekleidet)

Ms Jana dungaree fine ribMs. Jana site has an aurora of sophistication and her looks with great attention to details, always make it worthwhile to keep coming for updates.

3:  Outfit Post: WRONG Ms. Jasmin (@myberlinfashion) Jasmin WRONGA charismatic blogger with great looks and styes.  Her site is elegantly presented, nicely written and her personal beauty shines through her looks.

2:  Few Moda: Ms. Kayla Seah (@notyourstandard)

Ms Kayla fewmodaMs. Kayla has the skill of combining elements in to a masterpiece on her goddess body. Her artistic class , in my mind, related to her rich heritage and  sophisticated backgrounds always show through her looks.  Her site, rightly named not your standard, is a shrine for fashion and life style seeks and she will always embody female power and superiority in my view.

1:  Santorin Rooftop Chillin’.Ms. Katii (@suechtignach)

Santorin Rooftop Chillin 02

Ms. Katti always manages to make it in class and style simple. Her secret is the gorgeous natural look, she, brings her best look at any time with a simple approach.  A clear indication of natural female dominance and superiority indeed. In her site one can sample a great selection of natural style and rich content.

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