School run mom hot pants and high heels

Few months back, I was with a friend driving to through a busy city, to find ourselves stuck in a narrow street traffic at a school leaving time.

I recognize the lady walking with her child, I had been her slave for almost a year, more than six years ago. I kept little contact with her ever since.  Knowing that she got married and she had her first child, and he has started school obviously.

“Seriously”, my friend uttered looking at her, “hot pants and high heels for a school run!!!”.

Umm, What is wrong with that I replied.  I used to know her really up close and personal and her looks now are same or even better.  Obviously, she been taking good care of her looks and I see no reason why she can nor flaunt it.

Wondering why women try to pick on other women achievements, it is not easy to loose weight, keep fir, deal with cellulite, etc. when you just had birth and with little sleep and change in life style.

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