Feminism: The Newest Battle.

Jacqueline Gordon

Feminism. To many, the mention of of it creates a burning passion to get up and shout. To fight through the means of protest, speech or petition. To express the anguish and confusion, of how in 2015 it is still something that we fight for, something that we need to continue to explain to clueless twenty-somethings at universities across the globe, and something celebrities and politicians alike are refusing to support.

I am a feminist. And an extremely passionate one at that. Although I disagree with the latest outbursts by celebs such as Kaley Cuoco, and I fail to comprehend their refusal to associate themselves with the ideology, I am a strong believer that people have the Freedom of Speech.

As a journalist of course this is something I will defend and continue to defend until the war on expression is over. People should not be coerced into following a…

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