Submissive Blog Review: 10 Blogs Posts with some difference


I am so honored as a submissive male to be following such an amazing talents. Each blog post I have seen reflects talent and innovation. Some blogs , in my view, looked in to aspects that a bit different, used some more efforts and innovation, reflected richer content or more crisp presentation and helped to confirm my submissiveness.  The following ones are my quarterly review outcome.

10: The Traveling Bug


Blogger: Stefanie Ibertis Twitter: @PetiteChicGirl

The post shows great organizational skills and provide useful hints .  Ms. Stefanie is an amazing blogger that always keeps me waiting for her next post.

9: DIY Sugar Scrub


Blogger: Ms. Laura Olson   Twitter: @lifehalffull5

As always Ms Laura presents natural easy to use solutions. I used similar techniques with my ex owner, but this present more products and easier approach.

8: Fabulous Lashes on a Budget: L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara


Blogger: Ms. Wendy  Twitter: @xobeautyaddict

Always innovative to look for budget product to compliment the lady’s beauty. Ms. Wendy shows how you can obtain grad look while on budget.

7: Getting Social | Platforms to Boost Your Blog


Blogger: Ms. Sophie Ollis  Twitter:@SophsChoices

Ms. Sophie’s blogging great insights and simple hacks all across.  This is essential read for bloggers utilizing multiple platforms .  Easy and interesting innovative and stylish.

6: Dorm Room Organization


Blogger: Ms.Kirsten Horton        Twitter: @organizedcharm

Ms. Kristen page is amazingly busy with hack and information presented in adorably easy way.  It reflects her natural capability to transfer complex tasks in to easy ones.

5: Lazy Sunday #12: Wellness-Tag mit Stadt-Parfümerie Pieper


Blogger: Ms. Dana     Twitter:  @HowImetmyoutfit

Ms. Dana managed to make best use of her lazy night, the technique is natural , simple and loads of fun to apply.

4: One Skirt – Endless Options

Ms Alissi skirtoptions

Blogger: Ms.Alexandra Osina,   Twitter: @AlessiLi

The great ingenuity of Ms Alexandra doing more than 25 outfit using same skirt, this ingenuity made submissive men assured of their choice.

3: Lifestyle: Die Balance in meinem Leben (The Balance in my life)

Ms Mina

Blogger: Mina von Minamia Twitter: @Minamiablog

One of my favorite bloggers, taking time, effort smartness to deliver her blogs. Loved the picture introducing the post, loads of fun, insightful of balance and reflect her superiority.

2: Places: Travel Diary – Mykonos


Blogger: Ms. Anne   Twitter:@les_attitudes

I have been to the island, but seeing it through the post is a different experience the details captures the angles and the quality of the pictures are awesome.  Her beauty added to the beauty of the island it was a delight seeing the multiple level of beauty.



Blogger: Ms. Jasmin   Twitter: @myberlinfashion

Must give it to Ms Jasmin, the high waist jeans is not easy to pull, the combination is jaw dropping carefully selected and presented.  I kneel for the choice of shoes with the bow and red color.  The whole look is worthy of kneeling for.

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