Your man’s submission color palette


A couple of ladies asked me how can they see submissiveness in their boyfriends and whether they can actually tell if he is submissive.

Many males avoid showing their submissive side.  They fear being considered as sissies by other men or not getting along with ladies.  Sometimes it takes a deeper look and understanding of submissiveness to see that side on both sides the lady and the man.

At one end of the Domination / submission spectrum sets confidently the”Alpha” males. Typically, they have posses more power, money, physical fitness, sexual drive, erection size and friends. They are those males sitting at the top of the male status hierarchy. I have seen them described as the “real men, real deal, studs, stallions, Mr. B, rough, fit, etc.”

At the other end of the spectrum, in contrast to “Alpha” males, are the “Beta” males who are typically, weak, submissive, subordinated guys . It is interesting to note, that the majority of us Beta males have access to friends, more money or higher social status, once a lady decides to settle down with a “little nice man”.

The distinction here is based on my own experience, as a submissive man, seeing my owners and their boyfriends, partners, studs, etc.  So in all honesty, it will give a simple idea about the subject but I do not claim to cover the multi-dimensionality of male psychology and the motivation when the right lady is found.

How does your man fair against the listing below, the more down the list your get , the more is the probability that he is submissive.

Submissive men are great creatures and not that common, the figure above shows my own judgement of the male population distribution across the submissiveness spectrum.  There are more on the dominant side.  However, I have seen in my past 20 years or more of being a submissive slave a social shift that is becoming more and more apparent

50 shadestumblr_lg680rwszX1qbiotjo1_500


7 thoughts on “Your man’s submission color palette

  1. That is so interesting, I guess there should be a natural confidence, leadership and authority that you portray. with you ex, did you feel any signs of submissiveness during the seven years?

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