2015: My Top 10 shoes and Sandals That I knelt for

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2015 was a great year, filled with amazing blogs that reflected the sophistication, attention to details and loads of creativity.  Following all my favorite bloggers through-out 2o15 have emphasized my submissiveness: realizing how intelligent, creative and persistent these amazing ladies are.;For that I am so blessed and honored.

It is such a fulfilling feeling to be able to follow such great ladies, on their blog sites, and witness the amazing hard work, fun approach and inspirational nature throughout.

The compilation below was not easy for me, it took months of seeing extraordinary looks and creative combinations and concepts , all wonderful and probably, a good reason to kneel for all of them.

My choices below are strictly personal, and while it is focused on shoes it is not strictly related to the shoes, but a reflection of my feelings, the lady’s post, the creativity in the look, the thoughts and narrative presentation and apparent superiority .  It is noted that the posts are not necessarily intended to showcase the shoes, per se.  A further limitation was the acceptance of the ladies to be reviewed in such a post with submissive nature, many had reservation, which I fully acknowledge and respect, others were brave and have acceptance of various  states of personal nature and preferences.




 10 – Ms. Sonia Hussain New Look Ankle Strap Heels


MsSoniaHussainBlogMs. Sonia Hussain is a young fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger.  Since 2014 I started to follow her blogs, seeing how promising talent, the ability to spot, analyze, and write about trends and modern view of fashion kept me coming back.  Studying her own love, fashion journalism, says a lot about the passion she writes with.

Considering her amazing body and looks, I always wonder why she does not start her own looks blog yet? maybe it is in the making for 2016.

In her post “Monochrome OOTN” she sports her Ankle strap heels, it is tempting to kneel for seeing how the bulky heels contrast with her amazing slender legs. (Images Via Ms Sonia Hussain Blog)









9 – Ms. Kaley Ann Lace up Boots


MsKateyAnnblogMs. Kaley Ann is girly fashion blogger, always amazed me by her capacity to take simple: within anyone’s reach items and blend them in to such an amazing outfit.  Her blogs, though short, but present concise tips.


Her shots always aided by her amazing looks and the backgrounds she choose. Her blog The Chic Geek is attractive proposition.  Her blog have lifestyle inspirations beside fashion.

In her post “Front tie romper from haley boutique” she plays around with that awesome stripped romper, that perfectly fit for her body and showcase her amazing legs.  The laced up boots are just gorgeous and worthy of kneeling for. (Images via Ms. Katey Ann Blog)










8 – Ms. Nadine Adriana Zara Shoes


MsNadineBlogMs. Nadine  Adriana is a spontaneous blogger, her blog is an unique mix of travel, food and elegant fashion.  I have bee a religious follower of her blog since some time and she never fails to amaze me with her selection of items, accessories and shoots.

A PR person by day and avid blogger by night, her energy and inspiration is so obvious across her blogs.  Her style is spontaneous and cozy. I adore her outfits that are presented by her gorgeous body and a background of amazing scenery.

Her Post “Outfit: Winter Dress” (Nov. 2015) takes a break from her jeans into the splendid Forever 21 black midi dress and she makes a tale of sophistication.  The shoes is to die for; reflecting her superior looks and how the great legs meet the high shoes makes me kneel more.  A great shoes choice from a great lady.  (Images via Ms Nadine Adriana Blog)









7 – Ms. Layla Panam Sole Affair Heels


MsLaylaPanamBlogMs. Layla Panam has been blogging for just over a year.  Her blogs reflect her Fashion study and they are filled with creative looks and styles.  Starting her own label is a great initiative and wish her all success.  Her authoritative views and matching items always amaze me.

Her straight forward approach to writing and lighthearted style make her blogs enjoyable and personal to read.  Her elegant style, industry knowledge and great body make her looks incredible amazing.

In her post “The little wrap playsuit:OOTD” (July 2015) she wraps the playsuit around her amazing body is beyond gorgeous.  The strong sexy legs are always a sign of superiority for me.  The way her feet slips into the heels are amazing and worthy of kneeling for.  Great one Ms Layla.  (Images Via Ms Layla Panam Blog)










6 – Ms. Melanie Pires Famous Footwear Shoes

MsMelaniePiersblogMs. Melanie Pires an influencer with great passion for fashion and blogging. She managed to establish her digital brand, aided by her Art Degree in Graphic Design and her creativity and business approach to blogging and fashion.  Her site Petite Moda reflects business acumen and deep understanding of thew fashion industry.
With her simple tips, and innovative approach to colors and style choices, she been able  to portray through her personal blog a huge resource for ladies to be inspired with styles and looks.
In her Post “Oh, Comfy days!” she tackled the hard equation of looking chic and being comfy at all times and her answer could not be more amazing. Steering away from over-sized top, her choice of cropped top and my favorite denim shorts and slipping into the extra comfy shoes that kept me
kneeling for some time.  Great look Ms Melanie








MsTiffanyMartineStudded TStrap Pump

5 – Ms. Tiffany Griffin Martine Studded T-Strap Pumps



Ms Tiffany Griffin is a favorite blogger of mine, always captured by her classy wardrobe and sophisticated blend of styles and colors. It has never been about the piece or the accessory item, but the lady behind them, her style and great body.


Her blog site filled with inspiration from a lady who comes from the heart of beauty industry with a passion.

Her choice of Studded T Strap, in her blog post “Pink Knit Dress…“(Oct. 2015) captures the beauty of her legs and the dress and coat. Great works, as usual, Ms Tiffany. (Images Via Ms Tiffany Griffin Blog)







Nostalgia Tan Faux Suede Lace Up Heels

 4 – Ms. Sinead Crowe Inthestyle: Nostalgia Tan Faux Suede Lace Up Heels

Ms Sinead Crowe

Ms Sinead Crowe BlogMs Sinead Crowe has quickly become my most favorite blogger.  Her natural flow of thoughts, diversified site, the meticulous categorization of her blog site, the snappy look of the blog , her experience as a personal stylist and her great looks will make you keep coming for more.

One has to admire the energy and passion in maintaining her blog site. Choosing a positive approach to vent your emotions coming out of a relationship is something to admire about Ms Sinead Crowe.

In her post “How to wear a crop top” (November 2015) she pulled an amazing combination together in a perfectly sylish manner. Her body and great shoots added to the glory of that outfit and looks.  Her reflections are light and make the read more interesting. Knelt for that heels a lot.  Thanks Ms Sinead for giving us such a great look.  (Images Via Ms, Sinead Crowe blog)









MsAmyRamirezGladiatorsandal Romanas

3 – Ms Amy Ramirez Gladiator sandal



MsAmyRamirezBlogMs. Amy Ramirez boasts a culturally diverse backgrounds, as well, which helped in her amazing creativity.  Taking the bold step to lave modelling for blogging and more in depth involvement in fashion denotes her passionate blog and broad view on fashion.

The Mediterranean sun drenched blog site “TOKS” is a resource for style, decor, events (her study), inspiration and beauty.

Her ease of delivery style reflects confidence and definitely, ensure warmth while reading.  Her shots are creatively taken and portray nature and her amazing figure.  Her regular blogs a point that will ensure audience engagement.

Her blog “The Basics (July 2015) with black and white outfit and the gorgeous gladiator sandals and the sun shine in her smile and the sea.  Gladiator Sandals, for me, a re reflection of confidence in the looks and they way she choose to compliment them with her outfit made me kneel for these sandals.  Great work Ms Amy. (Images Via Ms. Amy Ramirez Blog)









 2 – Ms.Gabriela Grebska  StylishPlus Flats



Ms. Gabriela Grebska is oneamazing young lady, who never stopped keeping me coming back to her blog, despite translation hassles. She boasts an array of talents in fashion and photography.   Her superiority, from a submissive perspective is all time present in her looks and words.

I started following her posts last year and always admired her innovative style, her sophisticated looks and her amazing beauty.  Matching her body with great style and colors is natural to her .

In her post “Boho dress and handbag with tassels(Aug 2015) she  mastered the art of Boho style with honors. Before August last year, I did not really like flats, but afer seeing her post, it was life changing, the kneeling for her flats has changes me.  Great look Ms Gabriela. (Images Via Ms. Gabriela Grebska Blog)








1 – Ms. Raysa Garcia Black Pumps


MsRaysaGarciaBlogMs Raysa Garcia is a comes with styling and fashion in her sophisticated style, creativity in combining outfit pieces, the way she puts across her thoughts makes her one of my most favorite bloggers that I follow religiously.

Her looks, shoots and posture are cleverly crafted to portray the amazing lady, with no detail missed.  Her posture and looks have driven my submissive further more, ever since I started following her blogs.  Her multicultural backgrounds adds tremendously to her great talent and its obvious through out.

In her post “Katie Mesh Skirt from @stushi_co” (Nov. 2015), she takes the girly mesh skirt into another level of sophistication.  The whole look is a testimony of her super styling and looks skills.  The black pump, though she is claiming it is old, is one piece that kept me kneeling for so long.  Very few people can pull that look with such articulation.

(Images via Ms Raysa Garcia Blog)




I am keeping my hopes up and head down for this year. Looking forward to keep kneeling this year, ladies!

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