2015 Top Sneakers I knelt for

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 Last year, 2015, It was a great pleasure to see that amount of blogs containing sneakers.  I always say these sneakers are one valuable pierce of footwear.  I have heard “I have lived in these” for so many times to understand their position and value in a lady closet.

I need to emphasize that the views here are my personal views and relates only to my taste as submissive male.  These only refer to blogs I follow and not  intended to be representative of existing blogs. This is also constraint by lady’s consent to publish her in this blog.

I admire the courage and determination of many ladies accepting including their review here and it gives me great honor to be able to put some of my preferences here.



10 – Ms. Chantal Akkary Yellow Bensimon


MsChantalAkkaryMs. Chantal Akkary is a free spirited, innovative MsChantalAkkaryblogand diverse blogger.  Her blog “Le Blog de Chanty” is a show case of her passion crossing, fashion, beauty, travel, food, music, gym, fitness and everyday life. Love to see much more activity on her blog.

Lebanese lady bloggers are largely misrepresented in blogging scene, and particularly when it comes to fashion and beauty.  This is so much so once one consider their amazing talent, great taste and incredible looks.  Lebanese girls are known for their observance of fashion and beauty and this need to be represented blogging wise.

Though her blog posts “5 Tips to Transition your Wardrobe from Winter to Summer“and “Dairy Khoury family day“are both from 2014, it is hard not acknowledge that great blogger, and I am still remembering her looks in both blogs.  Looking forward to seeing more blogs from the great lady this year.  (Images via Ms. Chantal Akkary Blog Site)







MsAkvileeCanvasSneakers9 – Ms. Akvilee H&M Sneakers



MsAkvileeBlogMs. Akvilee is a great at combining both her travel and fashion passion in to a colorful tapestry in her “Traveling Fashionista” blog site.  Hip-hopping across the globe with style and blessing us with her amazing chronicles focusing on both travel and fashion.

I am always amazed with the variety of places she visits , inspiring me of destinations.  For any lady her blogs provide endless travel tips, dressing styles and tips.  Traveling with her alpha most of the times, adding dominance to her exquisite looks.  Her travels, obviously, ave widened her perspective, which is obvious from the progression of her blogging style and confidence over the time.

In her post “A Sunny Morning in EgyptJan 2015, she started early morning on the beach letting the sun amplify her amazing body and great legs. With her white H&M sneakers receiving gently her sacred feet across the sandy shoes getting me kneeling more in each step.  (Images via Ms. Akvilee Blog Site)










8 – Ms. Katey Ann  Blue Converse



MsKateyAnnblogMs. Katey Ann have creativity in her genes, no wonder she works in interior design, which looks like her passion, judging from the number of posts she has on the subject. Her site “Home Sweet Farmhouse“provides tremendous resources on interior design, home decor, furnishing and DIY. I will not go past it when considering some inspiration to do in my own nook.

She, sometimes, make some fashion blogs, and when she does they are amazing. Aided by her perfect body, dominant legs and her creativity, each outfit she puts out in her blog turns in to something to admire.

In her Post “The perfect floral dress from French Connection“, she again, brings everyday dress to a great art.  How the floral dress flatters her amazing body, revealing some of her great dominating logs with her feet rest sexily in to a blue converse, something majestic.  (Images via Ms. Katey Ann Blog Site)









 7 – Ms. Amanda Tur’s  Nordstrom Converse



MsAmandaTurBlogMs. Amanda Tur is a passionate Fashion, lifestyle and beauty blogger by night and event organizer by day.  Leading this hectic lifestyle she managed to keep me amazed with her afancyaffair.com blog site, which boasts a wide array of Fashion, looks, beauty, shopping and a section for His Fashion.  The last section, definitely demonstrate her dominance.  A  Miami girl with the verbals with Brazilian side to make it all more sophisticated. She has completed her study in Marketing and Advertising, closer to home, at Florida International University.

I lover her writing style: weaving her personal experiences and lifestyle preferences, so naturally, in to her blog is a great talent I acknowledge in such a superior lady.

In her blog post “Cozy pochoOctober 2015, she turns her stroll in to a master piece with her Topshop pants and the Old Navy Sweater, that she confesses that she never leaves home without it.  I knelt for this look since October, the relaxed look of the hair and the way her foot rest in to the amazing Converse; turning it in to a temple. Great look from an amazingly sophisticated lady. (Images via Ms. Amanda Tur blog site)






 6 – Ms. Tiffany Griffin Converse



MsTiffanyBlogMs. Tiffany Griffin summarizes elegance and creativity in her blog site “Flaunt and Center – Personal Style Blog“.  Her blog is a source of inspiration .

Her ever creative choices , combinations and colors ,always with a great choice of location that would fit nicely in to her theme is something that her great mind is great at doing.

I have recently, reviewed one of her posts in my “2015: Top 10 Shoes and Sandals That I Knelt for” and believe me , I would be honored to review each of her posts.

In her post “Rainy DayMarch 2015, she takes advantage of the wet weather to show us a great part of her wardrobe. The jeans and the bag choice defensibly take the look in to another level. Since I seen that Converse being host to the great lady’s feet I felt this is a look that worthy kneeling for.  (Images Via Ms Tiffany Griffin Blog Site)









 5 – Ms. Nadine Adriana Shoes



MsNadineAdrianablogMs. Nadine Adriana one of the most natural bloggers “NADINEADRIANA Fashion Statement” that I follow, the natural flow of her thoughts reflects her free spirit, the girl next door look with added style and charm categorize her posts.

I was so honored to review one of her blogs in my post “2015: Top 10 Shoes and Sandals That I Knelt for” and I am here acknowledging her superiority and great style and will continue to do so.

While in her post “Cut Out TopJune 2015, is intended to show the amazing top that adorns her body, the unmistakable dominating legs and how they relax in to that shoes makes it , as usual, a great look that is worthy of kneeling for. (Images via. Ms. Nadine Adriana Blog Site)













 4 – Ms. Jalisa Giron Coach Boat Shoes



MsJalisablogMs. Jalisa Giron is not your everyday fashion blogger; for me, she takes blogging to the next level by incorporating contouring in to her blogs, vlogs and tips.  Adding tips about how to re create the look for different body shapes is an art and knowledge, acquired by her career.  It helps empower girls and women to love their bodies .

Her blog and YouTube channel have always been an inspiration.  I stumbled across “The Style Contour“,  some time ago, slaving for a great lady with specific body shape. It provided me with great resources on how to serve my owner better then.

In her blog post “ Ice, Ice, BabyAugust 2015 she present a comfy relaxed and casual weekend look, turning it in to a work of art.  The Jeans and white tank never fails to make me more submissive, the hit is the Boat Shoes, that I have not seen in a while, what a combination.  That look and the Boat shoes kept me kneeling since.  (Images via Ms Jalisa Giron Blog Site)












3 – Ms. Raysa Garcia HM Shoes



MsRaysaGarciaBlogMs. Raysa Garcia is a unique experience in grand and elegant fashion.  Each of her looks adds a prose to her poem of beauty.  Such sophistication is not common place and takes talent, creativity and great mind and body to achieve.

Following her blog posts in “StylebyRaysa Blog” always provide great inspirations, provoke desire to submit to such a lady and introduce scenery of articulated styles, pieces accessories and color combinations.

I have been following her blog for sometime and I have reviewed one of her blogs, recently,  on my post “2015: My Top 10 Shoes and Sandals That I knelt for” Feb 2016, and it is my great honor and obligation to acknowledge such a great lady again and again.

In her post “Casual Day with@HM, @forever21Sept 2015, she takes less than causal pieces and turn the look into a relaxed, comfy but incredibly sexy and tantalizing look. The simple oversized HM sweater, match it with the sexy ripped shorts letting her amazing legs to do the talking slipping her majestic feet in to this amazing HM piece.  (Images via. Ms. Raysa Garcia Blog Site)










2 – Ms. Amy Ramirez Adidas


MsAmyRamirezMsAmyRamirezBlogMs. Amy Ramirez is captivating, been following her blogs and news since she was a model more than two years ago.  Her incredible looks and her intelligence, when combined bring us exquisite art . Which is reflected in her blogs site “TOKS“.

With a degree in communication and events organizing and Master in marketing and digital media, her looks, narrative and vlogs are masterpieces.  With this in mind, once can see how the natural process of her blogs and the flow of her thoughts and compilation of her looks bring art to science.

I have recently, reviewed one of her posts in my “2015: Top 10 Shoes and Sandals That I Knelt for” and I am so sure that I will review much of her works in the posts to come.

In her post “LisbonNov. 2015, she shares with us her trip to Lisbon.  All in in magical black, nails and all , her looks are tantalizing, add to that the background scenery , the way she looks in her shots and the worthy of kneeling for the Adidas Superstar.  (Images via Ms. Amy Ramirez Blog Site)









 1 – Ms. Tima Benbrahim White Converse


MsTimabenBrahimMsTimablogMs. Tima BenBrahim is one of my favorite fashion bloggers, amazingly creative in her looks the way she blends her colors, items and accessories is a work of art.  With passion for luxury and very strong and dominant personality being able to attract audience in public speaking, fashion shows and her blogs. Confident and independent in her purist of greater Ms Tima, I am definite with such attitude, she will be striking big and international success soon.  She has been on cover of local magazines and been on many local high profile fashion shows.

Her blog “Tima Fashion World” with a tag line”Fashion never sleeps, so neither do I” she manifest her great energy in her post amid her seemingly, extremely busy life style.  Her blogs brings to us great inspirations, masterpieces in combinations and creating things from scratch all the way to a superb art, aided with her sophisticated mind and amazingly sexy body.

She is a proud Tunisian, where women have been leading progress throughout that area, it is no wonder that Ms Tima will be leader in her field.

In her post “GreenlandJan 2016, she attempted a task of being perfectly stylish while rocking the worthy of kneeling for white converse, a school girl type H&M white top, a great skirt breaking the color with dark  stockings.  This is a dream of mine that she brought to life with a bang.  The lady, her look in this post and the sneakers and how she have her majestic feet slip in to them makes it breathtaking.

Ms. Tima is on many Social Media platforms, Facebook, Google, Tumbler among others, I hope Twitter soon. I presume that her busy life style is keeping her from posting more and writing more words in her posts, something I will be honored to help with.  (Images via Ms Tima Benbrahim Blog site)



Leaving with a note on ow to keep these great sneakers shiny and spotless.  Serving many great ladies,m I have found that is no substitute to hard work to keep them clean. Washing machines might be easy way out, but my recipe that always got my owner happy was using a tooth brush going through each stitch and corner.  I can summarize in six steps

  • Prepare a mix of baking soda, laundry detergent and bit of vinegar
  • Pour some warm water and wash
  • Brush them them with the mix
  • Wash them one more time,thoroughly
  • Stuff them with newspapers inside.
  • Let them sit overnight

So honored to be in the circles of such amazingly talented ladies .

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