For the love of 2016 Sneakers: Top Sneakers that I knelt for – (A submissive male review)

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Last year was full of amazing posts.  Following more than 200 great lady bloggers is a daunting task, but provides inspiration and enhance my submissive nature. The creativity, the dedication, and inspiration was overwhelming. To compile such a list, of what personally I find the best during the year, is an immense work and not easy by any scale.

I must congratulate the ladies who allowed me to review their posts for their amazing courage and open mindedness. And thank all others who declined.

I should stress that the review is based on my personal submissive nature and is not by any mean, a judgement on any post. This is limited to the bloggers I follow and restrained by the bloggers who have accepted to be reviewed.  While the review is on a specific post, the selection is affected by the blogger backgrounds, creativity across all her blogs and how it has affected my submission.

Let me not bore you any more, below are the top 10 posts with Sneakers that has kept me kneeling during 2016.

10: Ms. Eni Abeni Bislacco Shop Sneakers



A captivating lady of glamour and style, Ms. Eni Abeni an Albanian by birth and Italian by adoption. In love with Italy history and culture, cuisine and of course wine. Dreaming to live in Barcelona. And of course in deep love with her alpha.

Ms. Eni Abeni a self confessed stubborn perfectionist and nothing less than perfect in her Eniwhere Fashion blog.





In December 2016, Ms. Eni Abeni, in her post #Outfits: My accessories are different: Bislacco and Jadise“, wonders what more could attract half of the worlds women population more than bags and shoes. In the search for creative Italian brands ,  she selected Bislacco Shop  amazingly creative sneaker and bag.  Recycled with films quotes, how can she be wrong!!

Eniwhere Fashion is Ms. Eni Abeni fashion and creative statement, never misses a beat with creativity latest trends and Italian brands.






mseniabenisneaker2The creative design of that amazing sneaker, the way it wraps around Ms. Eni majestic ankles reflecting perfect color, with the added superiority and dominance in her looks, kept me kneeling in 2016, or last part of it.  Thanks Ms Eni!!

(All images via Ms. Eni Abeni blog Eniwhere Fashion)


9: Ms. Emina Masovic Nike Sneakers


mseminamasovicA future business leader currently studying Economics and Business Administration, Ms. Emina Masovic has a great passion for fashion and beauty. Her style is creative making great combination of classical and ordinary pieces.  The use of small hints in her outfits, rather than having them screaming in your face is a great talent.  Her Blog Fashion by Emina is nothing short of extraordinary. Ms. Emina mixed cultural heritage adds a degree of sophistication to her blogs.




mseminamasovicnikesneakers1In April 2016 Ms Emina put on her new blue jeans, only the second one in her life:), in her blog “DENIM X LACE” she styled it with the laced top and “To add some color to my outfit I wore my trusty pink babies to make it all come together. At last, I went with my sparkly and one of my favorite bags which I absolutely love, and If I pair the bag with a simple look it will still stand out and look well put together.”. The picture of the shoes cropped don’t fails miserably to show the grandeur of these sneakers in her feet.

Fashion by Emina is an extraordinary glimpse on the creativity of a great lady, filled with inspiration and unparalleled style.





The elegance and beauty that spills out of the creative look styled by Ms Emina has got me kneeling since April 2016.  Thanks Ms. Emina!!

(All images via Ms. Emina Masovic blog Fashion by Emina)


8: Ms. Sapphire Needham Urban Outfitters sneakers

mssapphireneedhamMs. Sapphire Needham spread her creative abilities across her multiple passion in film, photography and fashion.  A model, actor, photographer, student  (that is not all yet!!) and blogger. And still find  time for the her adorable husky.

Sapphire Says, her blog is a place where i regularly visit for artistic fashion, great words and inspiration.




mssapphireneedhamurbanoutfittersneakers2Too much on this great lady’s mind, but not to stop her creativity, in “Pretty In Pink” she styled a whole look around her favorite color . “So why not coordinate an outfit based on this color pallet and I think it looks super cute”.

Sapphire Says is a place where fashion, photography and creativity meets, I am sure I will continue visiting the site this year.







mssapphireneedhamurbanoutfittersneakers3Not sure if it is the pink pallet, the cutest ever socks or the cap that added too much to the Urban Outfitters sneakers glamour, or the superiority of such a  talented, creative lady, but that look defo kept me kneeling, thanks Ms. Sapphire Needham.

(All Images via Ms. Sapphire Needham blog Sapphire Says)


7: Ms. Chelshea Sneakers



Ms.Chelsheaflo from Indonesia, a full time designer/illustrator and a part time beauty product lover. Inspired by fashion, make up, and music.  her blog site Chelsheaflo is an amazing array of beauty and fashion. Bringing the beauty, cultural sophistication of the east in an adorable manner to us.





mschelsheasneakers2In her hometown Indonesia, where the weather have two seasons, it is hard to find a point to separate winter and spring, Ms. Chelsheaflo create something remarkable in her blog “Criss Cross“. ” I like this kind of crop top, it is off-shoulder and slim fitted ( made from stretch polyester cotton, but it is still comfy as well ). Moreover, it has elegant appearance, whatever I combine it ( with short and sneakers or with culotte )”

I have slaved for Pinay blogger in the past, but never cross roads with eastern glory like Ms. Chelsheaflo since. Her blog Chelsheaflo is nothing less than exceptional, fashion meets beauty and great body and creative mind.






The more Ms. Chelsheaflo wears that amazing sneaker the more it brings her superiority into the foreground. Ms. Chelshea creativity, her grand styling ideas and the way she portray her superiority and use this amazing Sneaker made me kneel since March 2016, Thanks Ms. Chelsheaflo!!

(All images via Ms. Chelsheaflo blog Chelsheaflo)


6: Ms. Lena Mahfouf Converse


mslenamahfoufWhat is better than studying your passion!! Ms. Lena Mahfouf decided to study Business & Management, specializing in fashion & luxury .  Whether getting inspiration from her stylist mom, adding her creative approach or her great looks have produced such an amazing outcome. At an early age she started her blog Lena Situations, initially in French but introducing french to reach a wider audience.  There is no stopping such a great talent with a great body.




On Valentine’s Day Ms. Lena wanted to experiment with a style and look in fromt of the camera, something she confessed outside her comfort zone . The bog post “VDAY” captures these superb looks that since that time blessed me with kneeling for.

From fashion, style, beauty to travel the site Lena Situations will keep you inspired with fresh amazing ideas and great lady behind the super work.






Magic Happens when a a great lady; like Ms Lena go beyond her comfort zone, this post is no exception.  While the post goes to show amazing styles, that Converse got my absolute attention, the way she styled it and how she thrown it to manifest her superiority,  a submissive male like me will only have to kneel.

(Images via Ms. Lena Mahfouf Blog Lena Situations)


5: Ms. Anna Cheble Adidas



Nothing can take a submissive male breath away more than a fully accomplished lady, Ms. Anna Cheble is an interior Architect with fresh creativity and mixed cultural heritage, ticking all female superiority boxes.

Owner of notrecloset; shared with my twin sister Ms. Maria, the blog is brimming with ideas and inspirations, killer looks and fashion and travel ideas.





On April 08, 2016 Ms. Anna Cheble put the case for “Casual  Denim Shirt Dress” being a sine que non of any great modern lady closet.  “They say that the little black dress hanging in your closet is a timeless classic. Today, we say that a denim dress is also a new classic to add to your closet asap 😉“.  The causal feeling, the variety of looks and styles that can be created, makes this an adorable item.  Whether wearing it with heels or sneakers, this item will always shine.

I am a regular visitor to  notrecloset, I never visited the site without the feeling of awe and inspiration by the great work and innovative style and simple approach.





While the Shirt dress is on point, that dress can not distract from the dominance of the gorgeous Adidas shoes.  The combination, the colors, the back drop to the pictures, the way her sublime feet honor the shoes with that superior look and style, kept me kneeling for these beauties since April 2016.

(All images via Ms. Anna Cheble site notrecloset)


4: Ms. Holly Hames Converse



As and when she breaks from exploring human minds and behavior being psychology student, Ms. Holly Hames produces one work of art after another in her blog Style Coverage.  Ms. Holly ambition is to blog about lifestyle and food, as well… I am sure she will produce equally fascinating blogs.  Ms. Holly creations unveils a sophisticated mind, unparalleled style, simple complexity with that great body and the superiority and dominance of the looks she creates.





mshollyhomesconverse2In August 2016, returning from her Spain visit, she needed some motivation to get back to blogging, in her blog “How to stay motivated and still be an inspiring blogger” she shares her motivational tips with the world. “I’ve struggled a little with motivation with my blog over the last few months, but I’ve recently really got back into it, so I thought I’d share some of the things that helped me to get motivated and re-inspired!”.  The tips offered and the post is a gem to find inspiration.

Like a great artist, not many blogs, but each one is a symphony of style, inspiration and girl superiroty looks.  Superiority and dominance not only in the gorgeous looks, make me drop to my knees shots, but in ideas, thoughts and being great by sharing with other great ladies.

Style Coverage offer nothing short of its title, well  done Ms Holly.




mshollyhomesconverse3I was not sure if such a great post belong to this category,  but I went along of what struck me to kneel for first….the amazing Converse and how it was styled . The modern lady look, the way the converse have these majestic feet and the focus on the superior me take.  The use of accessories to augment presence size is manifestation of dominance that made me shiver. Worthy of kneeling for since August 2016, thanks Ms. Holly!!

(All images via Ms. Holly Hames blog StyleCoverage)


3: Ms. Raquel Cano Adidas Superstar


msraquelcanoNo simple words can describe Ms Raquel Cano, a superior lady with five languages, a degree in art, exquisitely talented, great body and creatively inspiring.  While working as Visual Merchandiser, she finds time to indulge with her hobbies ranging from photography to travel to blogging and to spend time with her alpha.

Her re branded blog site RaquelCano in 2015 to become one of my year around inspiration with its classy look, artistic photography and admiring the superiority of Ms Raquel Cano.




msraquelcanosuperstar2On September 2016, after a week studying, she put on a stunning look with long black dress and oversized white jumper, “Black & White” captures the amazing result.  “Yes, black and white, my favorite. You know when you just want to feel cosy because it’s kind of chilly outside? So there you go. Simple but cool.”.   To make such sophistication and elegance with simple approach is the greatness of Ms Raquel.

I started visiting RaquelCano in mid 2015, and believe me, this is a place that you need to visit on daily basis for inspiration.  I do my daily choir to admire her superiority, as well.








It has  never been about the item itself, it is how the lady puts its all in context.  Ms. Raquel have given me in September 2016 the gift to kneel for her Adidas Superstar, through the way she put it on and how it complimented her superiority and captured her sacred foot.

(Images via Ms Raquel Cano Blog RaquelCano)


2: Ms. Amy Ramirez White Old Converse


msamyramirezNot only that creativity is natural to Ms. Amy Ramirez , but it is driven by her passion for fashion.  From her early modelling days in Spain, her talent captured a lot of attention.

While others maybe satisfied with the glamour of a modelling career, her superiority and desire to express herself  lead her to establishing her own blog TOKS.  The site is a fountain of inspiration, glamour, creativity and warmhearted  approach.  Not to be missed.





msamyramirezoldwhiteconverse1On September 2016, Ms. Amy chosen to put on some basics to mark end of summer, with her creativity, gorgeous body and attitude the look went beyond the ordinary basic to a masterpiece  of superiority captured in her blog Lazy Day Basics“I chose basics for one of those lazy days when you can’t be bothered to think too much, they’re my favourites.  Does that happen to you?” contemplated Ms Amy. I can assure you Ms. Amy this look have driven by miles my submissiveness since September 2016!!

This is the third year that Ms. Amy appears in my review, and that is a testimony to her superiority and creativity and I am sure she will continue to excel and TOKS will be continue to be a beacon for fashion,





A white old Converse might be a standard stock in many ladies wardrobe, you demonstrated how a piece could be rocked with right attitude, combination and great body.  Thanks for keeping me kneeling Ms Amy.

(All images via Ms. Amy Rameriz site TOKS)


1: Ms Insaf Bennis Adiddas



No simple words can sum up the energy of Ms. Insaf Bennis: amazingly creative, an  Assistant Project Manager in Digital and Brand Management with big corporate names under her belt and frequent style and fashion publisher. If that was not enough, she is a post graduate student. In 2014 she decided to start Sparkles In Paris, a heaven for inspiration and creativity, the blog shines with her energy, creativity great body and style.




msinsafbennisadiddas3On a perfect Parisian day, Ms Insaf  decided to go out for her favorite ice cream,  without much thinking, she opted for basic and comfy pieces , hence her blog “Basics“, “I took a cropped high neck sweat and a ripped jean, not forgetting my fav sneakers. Do you like it ?”,  I did not only like it, I knelt for it all of last year Ms. Insaf.!!

Covering the range from amazing fashion, lifestyle, modes, beauty, shopping and travel, Sparkles In Paris is a must visit site








It takes more than a good day to make perfection .  It takes creativity, style, great body and greater superior attitude to create that look.  The Adidas put in to that portrait and the way she styled and used it  has kept me kneeling all year, thanks Ms. Insaf.  I am preparing for a new year of kneeling to such superiority.

(All Images via Ms. Insaf Bennis blog Sparkles In Paris)

Again I congratulate the ladies in the posts above for their  amazing creativity and superiority.  No words can sum up your amazing minds and work.  Please keep these sneakers posts coming in 2017 and me  continue kneeling. You all amazing!!!

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