2016 Bright Stars:Top 10 Blogs with some difference

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2016 was filled with star bloggers, every post I have been through presented a great idea, concept, look, style or article.

I have compiled the top 1o blogs with some difference, from personal perspective and submissive male view.  These blogs offers out of ordinary looks, superb ideas, simple yet amazingly articulated tips, deep insights, sharing and empowering other bloggers, or demonstrated a great submissive view.

While I am honored to shed the lights on the posts below, I congratulate each lady for her great work and incredible courage.

The selection below is a personal view, limited to the bloggers I regularly follow their posts and constrained by acceptance of the lady to be reviewed.

10 Ms. Ariadna Majewska: One-piece swimsuit in a retro style

msariandnaSite: Ari-Maj By AriadnaMajewska                               Post:Jednoczesciowy Stoj …..                                                    Facebook

9 Ms. Sameena B.: DIY Glow Skin Care

mssameenabSite: Sameena B.                                                          Post: DIY: Glow Skin Mask                                                             YouTube

8 Ms. Eleonora Milano: A daily treat for our skin

mseleonorafSite: Eleonora Milano                                           Post: Curatex, una coccola…                                                               Facebook

7 Ms. Michela M.: How to increase visibility of your blog

msmichelafSite: the Photoholic girl                                          Post: Tutorial…….                                                                                  Facebook

6 Ms. Joanna Turner: Putting Our Lives Online

MsJoannaf.pngSite: Joannascorner                                                   Post: Putting Our Lives Online.                                                            Twitter

5 Ms. Kat Preller: Authenticity

mskatfSite: Undefined by Kat                                             Post: Authenticity                                                                            Twitter

4 Ms. Taylor Mariee: Tips on Contouring and Highlighting

mstaylormarieefSite: Taylor Talksxo                                       Post: Tips on Contouring and Highlighting                                             Twitter

3 Ms. Raquel Cano: Things I’D like to be better at

msraquelfSite: RaquelCanoBlog                                          Post: Things I’d like to be better at                                                            Twitter

2 Ms. Ieva Adukeviciute: Train Station #2

msivaSite:Ieva Adukevičiūtė                                     Post: Train Station #2                                                                   Twitter

1 Ms. Marwa Alawieh: Scalloped Suede

msmarwafSite: Fashion Escapades                                            Post: Scalloped Suede                                                             Twitter

Looking forward to more amazing blogs in 2017.

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