The Majesty of Bare feet: The Top 10 Posts with Bare feet

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My love for feet has been with me as far as I  remember, the older I got I discovered it stems from the respect to the lady and not just to any feet.

Bare-feet always re[resents  comfy feeling and liberating freedom, consider how many times you walk home and the first three things a lady do take her shoes off, release her hair (or out it in a top bun) and remove her bra.. and probably in the same order. A bare feet rep[resents connecting to nature on a grassed lawn or on the beach.

In many eastern cultures feet presents the access to many areas of our body and massaging it brings comfort and relaxation.

Ladies take good care of their feet according to WWD, the nail polish industry racked in $768 million from the U.S. alone. It is worthy to note that there has been a staggering 32% increase from last year, with you ladies paying more attention to your feet and probably with the advent of open sandals and shoes.  The same article concludes that on average a lady stashes m25 bottles of nail polish away at home:).  Finally, Ladies gets pedi/mani every two weeks on average, running at US$1,300 annually, in the US.

Enough with numbers , feet are majestic and worth every penny spend on pampering them.

When I decided to have this post, I had all of the above in mind, and I wanted to look at posts where the bloggers I follow, 410, have shows their majestic bare feet.  I decided initially to exclude bikini and beach pics.  But not many posts came up with that criteria.

I am really surprised, that not much barefoot posts are there (bikini aside) despite all the efforts ladies take to maintain their great feet, maybe you can tell me you thoughts and I can share mine.

This post is to pay tribute to the great ladies that have shown their amazing majestic bare feet in their posts.  This is limited to the blogs I follow and the ladies who allowed me to review their blogs.

I congratulate the ladies for the great work and amazing creativity .



10: Ms. Eni Abeni:#Outfit: Black Jumpsuit by Mango

mseinfA captivating lady of glamour and style, Ms. Eni Abeni an Albanian by birth and Italian by adoption. In love with Italy history and culture, cuisine and of course wine. Dreaming to live in Barcelona. And of course in deep love with her alpha.

Ms. Eni Abeni a self confessed stubborn perfectionist and nothing less than perfect in her Eniwhere Fashion blog.

In her post “#Outfit: Black Jumpsuit by Mango” Ms Eni started by saying: 
Third post from the beautiful Puglia ….The location is always one of Vieste with its beautiful beaches. There is no better location while you find yourself at sea? Early hours of the morning, few people, lots of sunshine and a blonde girl wearing a black jumpsuit him walking on the sand. Here’s my new outfits from the Gargano ….
The majestic feet of Ms. Eni in touch with nature finding her superiority!!!

9: Ms. Jade Meneguel: The Moment I went surfing

An Absolutely astonishing lady, with natural approach and creativity. Ms. Jade Meneguel blogs travel, fashion and photography with style.  Her site “tiny big moment” “The Joy in Everyday things” captivating right from the title, reminding us of the importance of each moment in our lives, to each post that delivers inspiration about love of life in a heart warming approach.
Last year I told myself that I would be more sport-active this year and that I really wanted to have some surfing classes. Since I am pretty good on Stand Up Paddle I gave it a shot trying to surfing but is definitely NOT the same hahaha. Surf is so hard but yes, I did have some fun trying in Praia da Baleia, a great beach to surf by the way. Let’s see how it goes on my next time...” Ms. Jade starts her post.
There is nothing ordinary about this surfer girl, capturing the joy of life and conquering the waves like the superior lady she is and will always be!!!

8: Ms. Eleonora Milano: Allenamento #2: YOGA


mselonorafMs. Eleonora Milano soaked up Milan’s art in to her character. With study and passion for photography and capturing the moment and love for beauty and fashion. She Started her blog Eleonora Milano in 2013 to satisfy her ambitions. Such creativity makes her a lady worthy of kneeling for!!

Ms. Eleonora Started ” It was a functional training, but the funniest part was definitely my Yoga class in the company of the talented Martina Cova. We performed the salute to the sun, combined with a breathing muscle work and never tried before! Although it was not the first time that I practiced yoga, the work was entirely different and crazy outcome.

A superior lady takes care of all elements to her life, Yoga is one aspect that Ms. Eleonora  has taken .  Her feet establishing her well rounded superiority!!!




7: Ms.Ieva Adukevicitue: Sunset


mievafMs. Ieva Adukeviciute created itsmeiva in summer 2015. An extremely artistic lady playing guitar, with passion for singing, photography enthusiast and with art in her heart. There is no stopping this ambitious lady who has a great attention to details, and very strong minded, a lady worthy of kneeling for!!

I got home, I have to say sorry that I didn’t post for these days when I was on vacation so my pictures are not really new. These ones I took on Friday when the sun was setting down. The beach was not that full of people like in a day time. When we have such amazing days in Lithuania, all the people go on holidays then. Tomorrow or later I’m going to upload another post from this place because I want to tell you about a St. John’s / Midsummer Day ( June 24th) which my nation celebrate every year. I think you saw lots of other bloggers posting about that so I’m gonna tell you how everything is in my country and how I spend my day! ” Ms. Ieva describes.

Soaking up the sun, enjoying the beach is rejuvenating.  Ms. Ieva feet shooing her superiority!!!




6: Ms. Ariadna Majewska: Holidays in the UAE (I)


msarifMs. Ariadna Majewska blogs her passion for fitness, healthy life style, culture and fashion on her amazing site Ari-Maj. The great lady produces amazing posts each time. Her smart concepts and amazing body makes her a lady worthy of kneeling for!!

Commenting on her trip Ms Ariadna said: “We were craving the sun and lazed around on sun loungers to recharge our batteries after our long journey. In the evening, we went for a walk to find out more about the region and its Inhabitants. Be warned – if you are looking for traditional entertainment, this city is not the place to be! On the streets and in the restaurants there were very few tourists, but for me this was a big advantage. If you really want to discover the true lives of people and the spirit of new places, aside from what you have seen in magazines, simply walking along the streets and observing and drinking in the sights and sounds will create many impressions. Welcoming and cheerful residents are happy to ESTABLISH a relationship with foreigners, so do not be afraid to talk to them – as long as you come across people who have no problem with Angielski, of course!”
The superiority of Ms. Ariadna complemented with that amazing body portrayed in the pics from the trip is beyond amazing. Her feet are worthy of kneeling for!!!

5: Ms. Maria Cheble: Beach Time

Ms. Maria Cheble defines superiority with her mind and body. AN Interior designer with amazing creativity and mixed cultural heritage. Co owner of notrecloset; shared with my twin sister Ms. Maria, the blog is brimming with ideas and inspirations, killer looks and fashion and travel ideas.
Ms. Maria telling about the post: “Here we are posting another beach outfit 🙂 Girls say YES to these amazing white chiffon summer cardigans , it makes your looks become so chic and elegant by just wearing them on your bikini !!! Who said you can’t look fashionable resting on the white sands of the beach ? 😉
In each of her posts, Ms. Maria demonstrates her outstanding ability to create, stunning us with amazing looks with a great body of hers with such superiority!!!

4: Ms. Khloe Lo: The Black Swimsuit

mskhloefAchieving perfection through fashion, this amazing law student with eye for luxury.  A very strong minded lady that is no afraid so say sorry when wrong.  A coffee lover, Vogue reader and art and lovely life philosophy at her heart. In endless search for beauty in all its forms, Ms. Khloe Lo owns one of the most amazing blog site “Khloe Lo” with a strap line that always catch my attention “Learn from the past to live the present and create your future”, has a big and rewarding future if she persists in her great passion, amazingly fierce personality with that drop dead gorgeous body.

This year my go to swimsuit is this 70’s inspired one, from Zara. It’s the type of piece you either love or hate. There is no in between. It’s probably the most complimented thing I own. This one and a pair of heels are fighting for the first place. And I have to be honest with you, I mostly go it because of my boyfriend, when I first tried on, I wasn’t so sure. He on the other hand, loved it. I should take him shopping more often.“, states Ms. Khloe.

Ms. Khloe superiority comes from her strong creative mind and her gorgeous body that is beyond sexy scale. Her feet and the way she forms that arch of dominance is keeping me kneeling!!!





3: Ms. Michela M.: Outfit: temporary tattoo by Gamiss


msmichelafMs. Michela M. blogging photography, travel and fashion in her site the Photoholic girl. Always coming up with great concepts and amazingly presented posts, her deep passion, creative approach and great body, makes her a lady worthy of kneeling for!!

Finally today I have a quiet day and I decided to mess around a bit ‘on my beloved Light room .. what relaxes me: D 
In today’s post I will also show you the cute temporary tattoos metallic purchased Gamiss ! How cool ???? had long wanted to try them, but I could certainly not introduce me to work with her arms botched: D so I used the holiday to take off this whim .. what do you think?“,  Ms. Michela wondering, it is more than perfect!!
No words of mine can describe the superiority of Ms. Michela, captured precisely in the post. The creative mind and amazing body.  The arch of dominance that curves its superiority above the wold and her superiority beyond any imagination!!!

2: Ms Raquel Cano: Palm Tree Top


No simple words can describe Ms Raquel Cano, a superior lady with five languages, a degree in art, exquisitely talented, great body and creatively inspiring.  While working as Visual Merchandiser, she finds time to indulge with her hobbies ranging from photography to travel to blogging and to spend time with her alpha.

Her re branded blog site RaquelCano in 2015 to become one of my year around inspiration with its classy look, artistic photography and admiring the superiority of Ms Raquel Cano.

No words required to describe the elegance of the post that Ms. Raquel delivered. The  Ray bans with that Levis shorts reflects elegance to the amazing location.  I am so used to see dominant ladies standing and how their arch of dominance forms and Ms. Raquel is no exception, maybe just a bit more exquisite.


Ms. Raquel  reflects confidence and dominance in all her poses.  The semi Pelican stand, the extra curve in the arch of dominance, the look above and beyond a great demonstration of her superiority that I am so thankful to her to keep kneeling!!!




1: Ms. Fabrizia Spinelli: My last moment of relaxation


msfabriziafNothing less than outstanding can describe the lady Ms. Fabrizia Spinelli. A Personal Style blogger and a journalist, completed her degree in political science specializing in communication technologies.  Ms. Fabrizia Spinelli loves fashion and style, her site Cosa Mi Metto is full of tips and daily inspirations, all to die for.  On top of all of that she is a Beauty Reporter and great at it. The sophistication and elegance in her site is beyond my words and her superiority reflected in creativity, amazing style and a great sexy body to kneel for!!  A big testimony to her superiority is a the extensive list of collaborations she has under her belt.

Summer is almost over, and relaxation seem far away, but in these early days of September in which we struggle to pick up the pace I want to share with you one of my last moments of peace and quiet: a day in the sun in the pool before return to the frenetic pace of reality.
I wear a two-piece color block, a trend that has returned to prominence during this summer 2016: as surely as you all already know, this is where costumes Deep rich colors are matched and their strong contrast becomes just the point strength of the costume. My bikini designed by Pierre Mantoux, has also contrasting blacks edges, to split cleanly other colors and to bring out even more their deep color difference. Do you like the swimwear color block?“, Yes we do Ms Fabrizia and I knelt for it for so long.
Ms. Fabrizia creativity, elegance and sophistication need a new vocab to describe the.  Her looks are beyond amazing and that great body stand a testimony of such a superiority.  Her feet is no exception with a natural arch of dominance that is exaggerated by her attitude and superiority!!!
Hoping 2017 will bring more barefoot poses and looks, beyond beach and bikini, but with creativity.



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