The Majestic Arch of Dominance

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Few weeks ago, out for drinks with a friend, seeing his wife briefly as she picked him up, I texted him seems you in to a big fight tonight.  His immediate reply was what!.  The next day called me saying how did you know, you did not even see her.  I said I have seen her feet. A submissive male insight.

Gestures with our feet are powerful form of body language as we are because we are less conscious of what we are doing with them.  Being a submissive male with special affection for ladies feet, you become aware more and more of their gestures and what could they mean.

Years of experience allowed me elaborate the gestures in reading the shape of the foot arch, I refer to as the Arch of Dominance.

Not only that the way the lady shapes that majestic arch tend to reveal many aspects of her current mode, intentions and attitude, the way she present it, show or hide it tells more.

The fact that we do not pay much attention to control or manipulate these gestures , makes it one true indicator.

Most of these are my own observations from  ladies that I slaved for over the years. The more you know the lady, you come to recognize the resting position and how variant to that arch position could mean.  Of course these do not apply all the time, they apply in context.


Attraction during a date can be reflected by the lady’s feet away from her body while laughing.  The lady will cross her feet or move them to under her body where there is not attraction.  Generally, moving feet are always a good gesture that the lady is at ease while laughing.  In moving the feet forward the Arch of dominance angle with expand be more obtuse.

During a real orgasm the lady will tend to taut and curl her feet, when faking orgasms the feet will not be curled. The curling of the feet will reflect on angel of the arch of dominance, a more obtuse angel sometimes mean a fake orgasm, a submissive male will tell.

Crossing feet, when is not a result of anything else, is always a bad sign.

A dominant lady will keep her feet still if nervous. An alpha male however, tend to move his feet if nervous.

On a date taking the shoes, when associated with pointing the feet and raising heels, could show the lady attraction.

When going clubbing choice of high heels indicates effort of make an arch angel, extending the leg (making it looks longer) and showing confidence.  The choice of shoes, whether showing the arch or hiding it, could mean confidence and openness.

For me, the one leg extended, the other is half way, with an angled arch means troubles are on the way.

7 thoughts on “The Majestic Arch of Dominance

    1. The do of course, besides doing great sexy contribution to your body look. Plus the feeling they give you must be paramount. I always can tell with all my ex owner their feeling by what they choose to wear for certain activity or occasion

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