The stars in Sneakers

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Last year was filled with amazing posts with sneakers and indeed a vast array of styles and looks that all splendid, appealing and extremely sexy.

Nothing beats the sexy practical look of sneakers, confidence and style sexy natural and spontaneous.

Each post published in 2016 with sneakers was amazing .  This listing is limited to my views, as submissive male and limited to the ladies i follow their blogs regularly.  It is as well, limited to the courageous and open minded ladies who agreed that I review their amazing work .

Below is the listing of my start bloggers in their sneakers which are favorites of mine in 2017. Let us celebrate these great ladies.

10 – Just Peachy ft. Rosegal, By Mz. Marygold Inovero


Mz Marygold Inovero



MzMarygold3While her blog is focused on beauty and reviews, Mz. Marygold , at times, share with us amazing fashion and inspirational looks.

That amazing color dress styled with that sneaker is a favorite of mine a great combination.

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9 – Beach Outfit w/ Grey Scarf, By Mz. Kati Reise


Mz Kati Reise



MzKatie3While the lovely coat is in focus in this post, who Mz. Kati styled it on a visit to Denmark with cute scarf and this ripped jeans is really amazing

Adding glory is that converse, nothing beats a well styled converse in every day situation and how she actually presenting it in the pictures.

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8 – I’M BACK!!! (IN THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!), By Mz. Deborah Ferrero





MzDeb3Nothing short of splendid in her posts, Mz. Deborah with her multicultural practical and direct style and approach manage her captivating blog a thrilling story in each post.

Celebrating her return to the other side of the world rocking these amazing converse, with that feminine look and incredibly sexy legs is a post that can not be forgotten easily.  The simplicity and how these converse capture her feet is amazing.

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Mz Sara Dunaj



MzSara3A great summer look in this post. Nothing in the look that is short of amazing art. From the drink and bag color match to that great white skirt and black top and amazing legs.

I love that white converse, the way she is treating it and how she combined it is something incredible, I am a fan of white converse and this is one post that bring the best of it.

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6 – Look tropical mix de estampas!, By Mz. Bruna Virginia Da Silva


Mz Bruna Virginia da Silva



MzBruna2An amazing post with great look featuring that fab sneaker.  The way Mz. Bruna makes her looks and describe them is always fun and amazing.  Reading her posts is like talking to your best friend with great advice on looks and style.

Amazing body that help always create looks and that sneaker so worthy of kneeling for.

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5 – Sporty Shoes with Lace Dress, By Mz. Alexandra Vaman


Mz Alexandra Vaman



MzAlexandra3This is my second review of Mz. Alexandra posts, I have reviewed her amazing post in my post “And Sometimes we get a glimpse of Goddesses Denim” .

The look is stunning with these nicely styled fishnets with the sporty sneakers, When fishnets are nicely styled you can not go past them that easily. Creative, sexy and great backgrounds

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4 – Look – Spring Fun! #32, By Mz. Marianna Cardia


Mz Marianna Cardia



MzMariana3The whole posts screams fun, pink and amazing sexy beauty of Mz. Marianna.

Love the whole look, how did she created the combination with that lovely jeans and top and that to kneel for sneaker adding such glory.

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3 – Denim and silver, By Mz. Amy Ramirez


Mz Amy Ramirez



MzAmy3One of the most amazing bloggers I am following religiously, seeing how that incredible creativity and beauty evolving over the years, such a magical journey.

Mz. Amy talent in taking a simple, everyday look with combination of items in her closet and turning them into a symphony.  This white converse was the one I felt for in 2016 ( my review post For the Love of 2016 Sneakers), featured in her post “Lazy Basics” in 2016.  I was in awe of her amazing creativity seeing my self selecting it again this year.  A lady that I have high respect for and appreciate highly her advice.

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2 – Hello Winter – OUTFIT ♥, By Mz. Iva Trogrlic


Mz Iva Trogrlic



MzIva3lovely winter active wear perfected by Mz. Iva body, with incredibly cute little features, that adorable beanie, that little heart on the socks and the surroundings.

The white converse is my endless love and the magical way Mz. Iva wear it makes it even more appealing, great choice.

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1 – Sommer Outfit – stripes, ruffles and embroidery, By Mz. Lisa


Mz Lisa



MzLisa3An awesome look, the combination is stunning and the swing added such a lovely prop.  The colors are so in sync and reflect a nice serene atmosphere.

The sneakers and their color is stunning, not only complimenting the look and the colors, but also adding femininity and superiority to the look.  Adorable!!

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Please keep me kneeling in 2018!!

13 thoughts on “The stars in Sneakers

  1. Heyyy! I’m so happy you like my posts & that you like to share a bit of them through your own way. I highly appreciate that! As always you made my day and I thank you so much for that and for your nice words. ☺️☺️

    1. Thanks Mz, appreciate your comment. It is being a small part in acknowledging the inspirations and amazing talent these great ladies have.

      1. totally agreed! And it’s amazing! How supportive everyone is to help others grow and personally i have came across amazing people, who have really motivated me a lot.

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