Finding Self-love

Amazing Goddess turning 21, Many happy returns Mz Zara and such an incredible post to celebrate it

Roses Blog

“If the universe didn’t need you, you wouldn’t be here.”

It is my birthday today yayy…one happy day that saw one year passing by and another looming with all it has to offer me. And I will take all the opportunities in this year.

On this birthday, maybe part of getting older, done some self reflection, one big thing on my mind…self-love!!

Self-love is a topic that everyone is talking and posting about. Its importance relates to its relevance to our inner happiness and how others experience our presence.

Self-love is a reflection of our own being, it is the most empowering and liberating practices we can do for ourselves.

I learned last year that, despite its complex definition, it is not hard to achieve.

It is as easy as identifying and practicing daily physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual activities for yourself, that make sense for YOU and fit into…

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