Personal reflection: A male chastity journey (1/5)

It is much easier said than done indeed.

I have been contemplating reflecting and writing about the experience in chastity device from personal perspective for over a year.

In one message I was explaining to my ex owner, that while I had been out for more than a year, many of the effects are still there.  We have had various discussions around this and she noted that it might be a good idea to write about it.

And a year on, I could not master enough courage to come out.  Until last week…

I am following a personal improvement challenge that runs in weeks. Week 23 was about challenging myself to do one thing I have never done before.  And I never written about that experience.

I am already one day late, so I am going to break down the post in few parts, with backgrounds and introduction in this post.  So I do not miss the one week challenge period.


I have moved to London to complete a phase of a large project, three years assignment.  A message blinks on my phone from Pascale ( I slaved for her in dubai)  â€œin London next Monday for few days on work, catch up?”  I was so happy that I am going to see her again.

On the day I messaged her asking if we can dine out, leaving me on read for few hours, she cam back saying I will be with my cousin at Ishabiyeh at 8.  Great a short distance from my Belgravia home.

I arrived there a bit late, yeah as always when you live so near!!  Walked in hugged Pascale and she introduced me to Mz. N.  She gave me the side look up and down and went back to her phone.

Catching up with Pascale always naturally funny, we talked around me being submissive a joked about time slaving for her.  It seems that Mz N has been told about who I am in details.

Turns out Mz N is in London of a full scholarship to do her masters on psychology.

Through the evening I could not get my eyes off Mz N, that incredible sophistication and depth of knowledge and intelligence.   Multicultural, through Canada, Dubai then at AUB.  Such an amazing beauty, the long figure, the simple make up, almost natural, hair up, the jeans skirt and cropped top.

She also fashion blog as a side thing.

I barely talked with Mz N that evening, but went back home feeling my submission done my stomach

More to come!!!

2 thoughts on “Personal reflection: A male chastity journey (1/5)

  1. Do not post stupid stuff. This is so demeaning to “REAL” men. Your approach is making men less of men.. stupid

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