Personal reflection: Male Chastity journey…I am caged!(2/5)

Fast forward – Eight months later

Of course not, it will never make you less of a man, continued Mz N. It will make you proud of yourself: having full control of your own desires….. Once you have it on, you will be more of a man to me!.  Being a man is not defined by your erection and cum, do not be ridiculous.

Tell me, what else on your mind tell me, let us talk it all, insisted Mz, N.

She is always brilliant at this:  Getting it all out, my feeling, my emotions, dealing with them, discussing them, coming up with options… it is her forte  Drifting around the restaurant, probably it is even the same table we sat at a 6 weeks ago for the “it is not working talk”… few tables down is where we met eight months ago.  I should go back to listening, she can see through me I swear..!!

You know I caught up with Jennifer when I was home, she done lots of reading about male chastity devices after our Skype, she still believes it is a safe and fun option.  Your GP did say we have to be cautious when it come to pain, and we will do.

But you are not listening, tell me what is on your mind she demanded.

It is a big thing for me, I feel like losing something so critical to me being a man, being who I am or have been all my life.  I am giving some one the key (literally) to my manhood and biggest stone in my life.

But this person is me, someone you respected to share with her your desires and life , You asked and begged to slave for me 8 months ago, If it Is an issue of trust, I believe we should go our separate ways tonight….

I did not mean this way, I am sorry… of course I trust you. I trust you with my soul, life, body, mind, money, and everything in between.

Drifting away again, thinking of the “It is not working” talk four weeks ago.  Mz N was is not happy with our relationship and wanted to leave, six months after she moved in with me.  This is not what I want, I don’t feel it is fun or satisfying anymore.  The respect that you shown me at the outset , have all faded away, you do not really listen to understand, you keep saying you are my submissive male, but all what you want to do are the things that turns you on , this is not a female lead relationship, the thing that I was curious about and wanted to do while I am here, is not there anymore. Your work for me started perfect, now it is all half-heartedly done, no commitment or desire to please me as your chose owner that you persisted for weeks that I accept.  To humiliate me more, you been a asshole all right, you still messaging girls, you still on Pornhub and jerking away each night.  I remember the times I wanted to be satisfied but you have no energy because you been jerking away like a total jerk…. She went on and on and on……then said, I was hoping and waiting for you to change but you are not, I am moving out.

I was shocked with her decision, we talked forever, obviously she interested and curious about female lead relationships, but she wanted her way, not mine.

I acknowledged that I have been bad, it is my frequent jerking indeed that makes me lack interest in serving her further, doing the best I can to make her happy, or satisfy her sexually when she wants, Done a quick search on controlling masturbation and was hit with many results with male chastity devices. She came up with the same on her phone.

I am really interested in slaving for Mz N., she is what I dreamt of in the lady to slave for, if having fun with a cock cage going to make her stay then I am in.  This is a long-term relationship for at least the two and halh year to complete her studies and may be one more year of placement before she goes back home., do not ruin it I was telling myself.

We done some research and decided to go with the stainless steel one, for cleanliness and maybe as it portrays a real cage that one can not get out of.

We decided to go with custom made Jail bird.  I measured the circumference at the base of the balls and used my math to find the diameter. As we were not 100% sure,

we ordered two base rings with 2.5 and 2.25 inches diameter (one round and one oval) We ordered 2.5 inches base ring and another 2.25 inches oval

We ordered 3.75 inches, though I wanted 4: using after shower measurements.  Mz N said it will fit in 3.75 inches tube.

We decided to go with the lock and not the screw for more authentic key holder type of locking.

This morning the device was delivered, the moment I read the message my heart dropped from top of the shard to the ground.  The sense of arrival and things happening

I thought I will give Mz N the option to have the key on an ankle bracelet or necklace.  I rushed to the nearest jeweler and got both.

It has arrived, I messaged Mz N.

Mz N: What ????

Me: my cage

Mz. N: OMG, let us celebrate tonight, your fav place, at 9, I will book…it is your night habibi

Clearing my thoughts as I go back to the room, Mz N looked me int eye, held her glass red .. drink on she said.

Too many drinks later we arrived home.  She said let us put it on, Friday night is best time to start.  I dropped my pants try to put it on but the shirt was in the way, took off the shirt and there I was standing naked.

I cannot remember much, thanks to wine, but that feeling standing naked while Mz N sitting on the bed opening the package will never be forgotten.  She insisted to put on herself, I was not much of a help any way,

“Click” I can remember that noise, she kissed the cage , that was the last thing I remembered… I am caged!!

3 thoughts on “Personal reflection: Male Chastity journey…I am caged!(2/5)

  1. So many questions, after reading this. Sexuality is always a polemic theme. It’s good, you decided to try something different, it’s positive to be open to new approaches in life. Though, I wonder myself, are you doing this for yourself or her? Sexual addictions moreover hide an emotional wound we have that needs attention and affection from ourselves. So that being said, in my opinion the solution is not a chastity, but a deep understanding from yourself and your beloved one, that a true deep connection based in soul love is needed. I’ll leave 2 things that have helped me too in the chase of being a better partner: a book called “Heal your wounds & find your true self” from Lise Bourbeau; 2nd option a spiritual ritual called ayahusca, which needs to be done by a true shaman. I don’t want to sound like a know-it-all, I just want to pass you the solution I found for myself. Love is acceptance and I’m sure your partner can be patient and wait slowly for some change 🙂
    By the way thank you for your feedback about my blog. I really appreciate 🙏

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