The stars in Sneakers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last year was filled with amazing posts with sneakers and indeed a vast array of styles and looks that all splendid, appealing and extremely sexy. Nothing beats the sexy practical look of sneakers, confidence and style sexy natural and spontaneous. Each post published in 2016 with sneakers was amazing .  … Continue reading The stars in Sneakers

Ode to Authenticity

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It has always been so daunting for me to write this  review:  putting this amazing creativity  in the right light is not an easy task. The power of communication is immense, each blog we post carrying a message that might affect or touch others.  How we communicate our ideas and … Continue reading Ode to Authenticity

blog Review: Denim oh submission

Going through numerous blogs from great fashion bloggers, the following are my top 10 favorite denim blogs for last quarter of 2014. Not an easy task; considering the talent of the great ladies, that i visit their blogs. This reflects personal preferences, considering my long years being submissive male to many fashion bloggers and models … Continue reading blog Review: Denim oh submission