Ms PM1

Been contemplating this all through 2014 and finally decided to start a blog in recognition and admiration of one of the most amazing young professionals, who has joined our company last year.

One of our crucial programs was running into impasse, nothing being delivered across the four projects comprising the program. Nothing i running on time, running dangerously over budget, no team spirit, every one across the program is defensive, etc..  Murphy has his say, anything can go wrong is going awfully wrong.

The program was a socially crucial delivery. Four distant centers to be refurbished and re branded. True it comes with its challenges: distant, local availability of required materials and skills and of course, budget.  The Client was critical to us; as such we put our best, experienced old PM on the helm to get us through, Jeff.

Jeff the program director supported by four project manager allocated to each location. Centrally a planning controller and finance and admin clerks.  A team of seven boasting long years of experience under their belts.

We were all baffled how could this program not be moving.  Scores of status meetings a month and executive meetings all through, yet nothing come to fruition.

It was suggested in one of these meetings to hire a junior Project Manager to tackle the work load.  And this is is how it all started.  Stay tuned for my next blog

Finally, I have been able to contact Mz. P and ask her permission to publish her incredible journey with the company.


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