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Driving her Hyundai Accent down Lake Avenue, the fresh late summer breath nicely dancing through her hair and raffling her top; as she approaches the lake, the radio blasting “And realize that I’ve got, One less problem without ya…“, ….”brilliant through back” radio DJ announces. WTF  this song (Ariana Grande “Problem”)  is not a throw back, ……..OMG am I getting that old, P was wondering as she  gets out of the car .

In her Barbie Jeans-short, ruffle top, and her white converse.  Holding her Starbucks skimmed latte cup, the lake waters jumping up and down in excitement seeing the goddess.

Sitting down on her favorite bench, her thoughts drifting away…it has been some time since I have had this time by myself in serene surrounding.  Reflecting on the past two years, so much has happened…I really need time to sit with myself, take toll and see ahead.  I must do much more of being with myself. Listening to her inner thoughts with the water sounds in the backdrop making them clearer and sexier!

I really came a long way in the last two years, many achievements, few ticks on my bucket list.  Causalities of course: having time for myself, heart and mind matters and yes  I need a new converse… i did not realize it till now, looking down at her feet!!

In her fascinating universe many stars means so much and she consults them as she sails through her life.  Like an ancient sailor using a sexton for direction referencing their stars, the stars that they love and means a lot to them, P uses her stars to navigate life.

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