And Sometimes We Get a Glimpse of Goddesses Denim

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My 2017 Top 10 Blogs, with Denim 2017 was a year full of creative looks, blogs and styles. Following around 400 amazing fashion and beauty  bloggers , I could not but admire the amazing posts they have shared... with massive number of posts with Denim in them. Making my task … Continue reading And Sometimes We Get a Glimpse of Goddesses Denim

blog Review: Denim oh submission

Going through numerous blogs from great fashion bloggers, the following are my top 10 favorite denim blogs for last quarter of 2014. Not an easy task; considering the talent of the great ladies, that i visit their blogs. This reflects personal preferences, considering my long years being submissive male to many fashion bloggers and models … Continue reading blog Review: Denim oh submission