The stars in Sneakers

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last year was filled with amazing posts with sneakers and indeed a vast array of styles and looks that all splendid, appealing and extremely sexy. Nothing beats the sexy practical look of sneakers, confidence and style sexy natural and spontaneous. Each post published in 2016 with sneakers was amazing .  … Continue reading The stars in Sneakers

Bare feet scrolls

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My fourth review and one that is so dear to my heart. I have noticed that 2017 had more posts with bare feet from the bloggers i usually follow, which among many other things indicates more confidence, connection to nature and releasing the sexiness of bare feet. I said in … Continue reading Bare feet scrolls

The Power In Her Shoes

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My top 2017 posts with Shoes that kept me kneeling. Endless love for shoes, and how not when the shoes we wear says and means so much. It affects our psychology. our mood,  look and confidence. Is our obsession with shoes  because of Cinderella and her search for that shoe; … Continue reading The Power In Her Shoes

Ode to Authenticity

Follow my blog with Bloglovin It has always been so daunting for me to write this  review:  putting this amazing creativity  in the right light is not an easy task. The power of communication is immense, each blog we post carrying a message that might affect or touch others.  How we communicate our ideas and … Continue reading Ode to Authenticity

And Sometimes We Get a Glimpse of Goddesses Denim

Follow my blog with Bloglovin My 2017 Top 10 Blogs, with Denim 2017 was a year full of creative looks, blogs and styles. Following around 400 amazing fashion and beauty  bloggers , I could not but admire the amazing posts they have shared... with massive number of posts with Denim in them. Making my task … Continue reading And Sometimes We Get a Glimpse of Goddesses Denim

The Majestic Arch of Dominance

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Few weeks ago, out for drinks with a friend, seeing his wife briefly as she picked him up, I texted him seems you in to a big fight tonight.  His immediate reply was what!.  The next day called me saying how did you know, you did not even see her.  … Continue reading The Majestic Arch of Dominance