Top 10 Shoes that conquered my 2016 world- (Submissive male Shoes, Sandals and Boots review)

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2016 was filled with fashionable shoes, from comfortable chunky heels, to these bold platforms, contrasted by fun flats that are decorated with pom poms or ribbons, to these preppy slide loafers, and these day and night mules.  The fashion in 2016 also included the shower shoes, that I did not personally like, but still made an appearance nevertheless.  The laced up heels that many wore with their little black dresses. While the Gladiators were not liked by men, as recent article suggested, ladies still took them to their wardrobes styling them brilliantly against tanned legs.  What was obvious in 2016 is the creative use of classical and other variety of shoes to show an amazing look,  The abundance of style gave ladies ability to choose and be more creative while comfy at home, work, beach or dance floor.

Throughout 2016 I have been through more than 1500 amazing posts from 410 bloggers that I follow where shoes are included.  All of these posts have shown amazing looks, incredible creativity and style.  In this review, I pay tribute to the top 10 shoes, sandals or boots that from submissive male perspective have made an impression on me and helped increased my submissiveness.

This reflects a personal view, from submissive male perspective that is limited to the bloggers i follow and restricted as well, by the ladies acceptance to be reviewed.

I congratulate the top 1o finalist and admire their courage, power, open mindedness, creativity and style. Below are the top 10 shoes, sandals or boots that I have knelt for in 2016

10 Ms. Anna Cheble Golden Zara Sandals


msannachelbeAn Interior Architect and Designer with a Master degree, Ms. Anna Cheblehave an intimate relationship with art in many forms.  Architecture, movies, photography, fashion, her amazing mind, and that body. Taking part in a college movie “The Tailor” and video clip “The Receiver”, and her day work is a testimony of her superiority.

Owner of notrecloset; shared with my twin sister Ms. Maria, the blog is brimming with ideas and inspirations, killer looks and fashion and travel ideas.


msannacheblegoldenzarasandals2In November 2016, she added elegance and bueaty to Mykonos white washed streets. In her post “White Streets” she summed up the mode: “This time we chose something more feminine and elegant , but still very comfy and casual ; the soft white jumpshort from Subdued , paired with amazing gold sandals from ZARA” . The rest was history!!

It is rare to see so much natural elegance in a look that she donned. The white jump short and the golden sandals complimenting the astonishing color of her legs. No words can pay tribute to such a great look, I bet the stoned streets were melting!!









msannacheblegoldenzarasandals3I guess the combination of the designer and fashion expert have pulled this look.  The arch of dominance and the way that she naturally and freely revealing it makes her superiority outstanding. Thanks again for keeling me kneeling Ms. Anna!!

(All images via Ms. Anna Cheble blog notrecloset)





9 Ms.Lena Mahfouf Pedro Shoes




mslenamahfoufMs. Lena Mahfouf love to experience with styles mixing and making them a work of art. With ambition to be a full time blogger and maybe having her own press agency, the 19 year old blogger studies Business & Management, specializing in fashion & luxury .  When she is not that busy eating her Raspberry Macaroons 🙂 she keep up with her amazing blog Lena Situations, initially in French but introducing french to reach a wider audience.  There is no stopping such a great talent with a great body.




mslenamahfoufpedroshoes2In March 2016, Ms. Lena Mahfouf introduce the art of “How to Wear Culottes“, with a color mix that shines elegance and glamour emphasizing a tall dominant and slim image. “Culottes were a challenge for me to style because they fit none of my fashion criteria: they are flared, cropped which totally change your silhouette, it’s basically the opposite of my usual skinny ripped denim.” , an amazing piece of advice, read the post for more.

The post, while deals mainly with wearing Culottes, Ms. Lena Mahfouf present an breathtaking mix of colors and style, consistent with her post where she challange mixing various colors and styles. The resulting post is a look to die for!!










mslenamahfoufpedroshoes3This stunning look, the choice of these Pedro shoes has complimented the look adding slenderness, tallness and dominance by mile.  The way that shoes captures the majestic feet  and freely displayed a dominant curved arch of dominance is so obvious and kept me kneeling since March 2016,  thanks so much Ms. Lena !!

(All images via Ms. Lena Mahfouf blog Lena Situations)





8 Ms. Holly Hames Shoes



mshollyhamesWhile Ms. Holly Hames does not have many regular posts, she makes sure that every one is an amazing poem. The psychology student, produces one work of art after another in her blog Style Coverage.  Ms. Holly ambition is to blog about lifestyle and food, as well… I am sure she will produce equally fascinating blogs.  Ms. Holly creations unveils a sophisticated mind, unparalleled style, simple complexity with that great body and the superiority and dominance of the looks she creates.





mshollymamesshoes2In September 2016, Ms Holly Hames received her sammydress white dress to review the brand.  The “Little White Dress” has nothing little about it when it was laid against her amazing body and styled with that majestic shoes. Ms. Holly said “ I was actually really surprised with how expensive it looked when I had it on. As you guys can see in the photos, it looks elegant and stylish and the design doesn’t make it look cheap at all.”.  Noting looks cheap on this incredible lady!!

The white dress against that choice of black shoes is a hit for me by any standards. A great look indeed, the choice of the  yellow bag added so much to the look!!












mshollyhamesshoes3Ms. Holly has natural superiority and dominance to her looks, the choice of shoes articulating that curve in the arch of dominance a clear indication in the natural use to portray dominance.  Such a great look Ms. Holly that kept me kneeling  Thanks Ms. Holly Hames!!

(All images via Ms. Holly Hames site Style Coverage)





7 Ms. Santina Harrison  Suede Pumps

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset


Ms. Santina Harrison is an enthusiast of all things fashion, beauty and interior design, with a mission to make people inspired by her blog and feel beautiful. She started Hues of White in September 2016 and opted to be a full time blogger. Her personal styling insights are obvious through out her blogs, her ease of delivery of  concepts via visual and text is amazing.




Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

In her post “Star Prints x Fray Jeans” Ms. Santina “had a lot of fun styling these fray jeans from 7 for all mankind jeans with this blouse from Zara . The blouse is a beautiful navy blue colour in a star print with ruffle detailing.”.  Adding to that perfect mix the Suede Office Pumps.

The effect of the fray jeans approaching the super pumps is lit.  Ms. Santina was a bigger and brighter star in this post, the clever combination and the pumps!!







Processed with VSCO with c4 preset

Submissions comes in many colors, in Ms. Santina‘s case  Nude and Orange, both elegantly stylish.  The perfect display of the arch of dominance, in her choice of shoes, is worthy of kneeling  for .  what a great post and look Ms. Santina.

(All images via Ms. Santina Harris blog Hues of White)





6 Ms. Chelshea Flo Red Shoes



Ms.Chelshea flo from Indonesia, a full time designer/illustrator and a part time beauty product lover. Inspired by fashion, make up, and music.  her blog site Chelsheaflo is an amazing array of beauty and fashion. Bringing the beauty, cultural sophistication of the east in an adorable manner to us.





On February 2016 Ms. Chelshea Flo putting an old high school look in to the limelight.  The Gingham skirt that freely flowing against her amazing white thighs with poses that filled with beauty, elegance, power, dominance and superiority

Gingham skirt always reminds me of high school uniform somehow, so this time my style is completely inspired by high schoolers. Gingham skirt usually comes up as A-Line or circle, made from cotton or wool flannel. As pattern skirt, gingham looks more flexible to match with any top so you can freely choose what style you want the most. For me, I prefer to stay in girly look by matching it with two tone collar crop top and a long black vest completed with red wedges shoes. I like how the skirt’s color match well with the shoes!“, Ms. Chelshea added.

In her post “Fashion OOTD: High School Gingham” she styled that skirt with feminine red shoes that meets her white legs in to perfection!!








mschelsheafloredshoes2Wonder if it was the added effect of the Gingham skirt or the sheer royalty of the red shoes meeting that sexy white leg, or the strong, confident , dominant look she incorporated in to the post that kept me kneeling for most of 2016, but that look requires more than tribute, least by kneeling for since February 2016, thanks again Ms. Chelshea!!

(All images via Ms. Chleshea Flo site Chelsheaflo)





5 Ms. Sapphire Needham Office Shoes




There is not mistaken it when you looking for out of the ordinary  inspiration Sapphire Says is the place to go. An art loving model, actor, photographer: Ms. Sapphire Needham spread her creative abilities across her multiple passion in film, photography and fashion.    With such talent, skill and mindset sky is the limit for Ms. Sapphire Needham.




mssapphireneedhamshoes3In June 2016 Ms.Sapphire Needham celebration the end of her photography foundation, she captured this amazing look in her post ” Celebrations” .  That look that captured my attention many time .  The shade of pink that top has and how it brings forward her amazing body is nothing less than fascinating.

“I haven’t got much colour in my wardrobe, so this is a great new addition to my wardrobe. I’m really loving this colour at the moment, I have so many things I have an eye on in this colour, so be warned there may be a lot more pink in my wardrobe soon! ” says Ms. Sapphire, and we are waiting to see the colorful additions Ms. Sapphire.

The whole look with the top, the denim and how she had styled them with these shoes to contrast, was creatively amazing and reflects so much dominance.






mssapphireneedhamshoes1In combining art in to styling your outlook, the results always astonishing. Loved the whole look, where you have portrayed an elegant dominance with sheer style and great perspective, and this kept me kneeling since  June 2016, thanks Ms Sapphire!!

(All images via Ms. Sapphire Needham site Sapphire Says)





4 Ms. Gabriela Grebska’s Deezee High Heels



This finance and accounting students have more than numbers in her mind, a life full of travel, fashion inspiration, horseback riding, photography and healthy eating, Ms. Gabriela Grebska passion and artistic inspirations have a start with her amazing mind and great sexy body but no ending!!!  I have reviewed some of her post in previous years and I am I religiously visit her amazing site “Kolorwa Dusza ” translated into colors of the soul, almost weekly and never getting enough!!
msgabrielagrebskadeezeehighheels2In August 2016 she was invited to participate in a project and used a look she had already prepared for a wedding, in her blog post “Sukienka na wesele” (Dress for a wedding), she shared with us her perfect styling and this more than perfect look.  she wrote in the post the next day “I had the opportunity to wear at the wedding. The dress has a double layer of tulle, which gives an amazing comfort while dancing. I feel like it was designed specially for me! 😉”.
My favorite color blue on that amazing body is fit for worship for sure. The look shines with elegance and class, I bet that project was put on fire!!.
These Deezee high heels is an amazing choice complimenting the classy and elegant dress.  These high heels hold the royal feet while Ms. Gabriela in each and every picture shows a high and perfect arch of dominance curvature, not only to emphasize the length of the legs but to portray confidence, superiority and dominance.  Great work Ms. Gabriela and thanks for keeping kneeling since last August 2016!!
(All images via Ms. Gabriela Grebska site Kolorwa Dusza)





3 Ms. Nicole Mattis Knee High Jumex Boots

Processed with Snapseed.


This amazing Engineering student have a lot to say. Multicultural with 17 countries visited all over the world and three cities to live in.  This incredible background, the beauty of her region , her conceptual mind and open minded way of thinking and sexy body have helped her create most amazing looks in her blog “Coconuted By Nicky“. Ms. Nicole Mattis is an incredible lady that is not shy to challenge thoughts and show her natural beauty in her styles, looks, ideas, travel , fitness and food blog.

 Processed with Snapseed.
Processed with Snapseed.In October 2016, Ms. Nicole Mattis took her inspiration of bright autumn colors from Chanel, to combine a pink shade (between bright and deep pink) with much more softer colors, the resultant look was no less than breath taking.  This is how her conceptual mind in mixing and styling works, producing something to die for!! “You can combine the bright sounds with perfectly muted ones” Ms. Nicole explained in her post “Herbsttrend: Jetzt wird’s Pink“.
The H&M blouse at an appropriate length, contrasted by the Oddmolly coat over length with the center piece of choice – The Picard Leather Goods bag was nothing less than a symphony of style. how can one go wrong with that YSL lipstick.!
The Jumes knee-high boots was my center piece, sorry Ms. Nicole, catching the length and the curves of those amazing legs to look for the white blouse through the expanse of the immac thighs.
I have never been a big fan of knee-high boots, but with this look that Ms. Nicole Mattis created one can not but kneel for her ingenuity and great mind. The way she fitted that high-heel among that array of colors and her long legs something that kept me kneeling since October 2016, thanks Ms. Nicole!!
(All images via Ms. Nicole Mattis blog Coconuted By Nicky)





2 Ms. Khloe Lo Shoes



mskhloeloAchieving perfection through fashion, this amazing law student with eye for luxury.  A very strong minded lady that is no afraid so say sorry when wrong.  A coffee lover, Vogue reader and art and lovely life philosophy at her heart. In endless search for beauty in all its forms, Ms. Khloe Lo owns one of the most amazing blog site “Khloe Lo” with a strap line that always catch my attention “Learn from the past to live the present and create your future”, has a big and rewarding future if she persists in her great passion, amazingly fierce personality with that drop dead gorgeous body.




mskhloeloshoesIn September 2016, one day before her amazing post “Costanta Casino” Ms. Khloe gets in to argument about her choice of pictures with her alpha.  ” I will not change just because someone doesn’t like me, just because I want to stay true to myself. So, here is my advice to you. Do what ever feels right for you and do it in your way.”, a great lady not willing to forgo her right to her own choices not even if the man is her alpha.

The amazing skirt of choice with the perfect black top match, with her amazing body produced this super melody of a look.  It is rare to come across such elegance and combination that flatters the elements of ones body is such great details and simple choices.









mskhloelo3These amazing shoes which Ms. Khloe confessed that they are her moment favorites, are nothing less that heavenly. The selection to have them with this look is a great winner, the arch of dominance is rising high in these beauties and adding figure and slenderness dominance, these shoes had me kneeling ever since, thanks Ms. Khloe!!

(All images are via Ms. Khloe Lo Site Khloe Lo)





1 Ms. Nikke Bergmans Black Pointy Heels



msnikkibergmansThis lady defines perfection. With amazing open mind living in three countries till now, she is developing a delicious cultural mix that is so apparent in her choice of style and picture locations. Her site neatly called “Nikki Bergmans” is brimming with inspirations, lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty posts that reflects highly developed sophistication and less is more approach.  Ms. Nikki Bergmans have a very sweet Picture Diary section in her site, which I find extremely appealing.  The Dutch girl has been featured in Elle Germany in 2016 and I am sure her future years will bring her great success if she keeps such high end class and sophistication in her approach.




msnikkebergmansblackpointyheels3Towards the end of autumn on a nice September 2016 day, Ms. Nikki Bergmans decided to add beauty to that day in her gorgeous ASOS greem pocket dress, that sophisticated PROENZA shoulder PS11 bag and that CHRISTIAN PAUL black mesh watch and bracelet that says a lot about her perfection and superiority. This symphony of style, elegance, confidence, power and dominance was captured in her post “Outfit: Green Pocket Dress“.

What I wore:
ASOS green pocket dress
MANGO black pointy heels similar here
CHRISTIAN PAUL black mesh watch & bracelet

That beauty was magnified by her Black Pointy heels which transcends being an item to a statement of her elegance , superiority and dominance and amazing style.









msnikkebergmansblackpointyheels3Ms. Nikki Bergmans choice of that killer black pointy heels is a smart choice in color combination and in adding the slenderness and length of these great legs.  The open side showing her perfectly curved arch f dominance, a curve rarely matched .  I can not fail but notice that the curve is even greater of the heels curve, showing how confident, superior and dominant the lady portray her self.  Been kneeling for that shoes since September 2016, thanks Ms. Nikki!!

(All images via Ms. Nikki Bergmans site Nikki Bergmans)



Congratulation to the brilliant finalist your great work surpasses this small tribute, but thanks for allowing me to acknowledge your creativity, amazing style, sophistication and dominance.

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