Denim to Kneel for: 2016 Top 10 Blogs with Denim

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There is no denying it, I have been overwhelmed with the creativity of looks and style in all blogs I have seen in 2016, where denim was involved.

The blogs below stand out for me, from a submissive male preservative and for the courage and superiroty the ladies demonstrate and kept me kneeling.

These are limited to the blogs I follow and from my submissive perspective and reflecting a personal opinion.  Another limitation is the agreement of the lady to be reviewed .



10 Ms. Ariadna Majweska: Denim Shirt, Short White top, Black Shorts and Sandals


Reminiscing on a moment from July 2016, Ms. Ariadna Majweska captured that amazing look. “Today I have for you a simple, comfortable outfit that I was wearing during one of the last days of July. I Hope that the forthcoming autumn surprise us equally beautiful weather 🙂

Ms. Ariadna Majewska blogs her passion for fitness, healthy life style, culture and fashion on her amazing site Ari-Maj. The great lady produces amazing posts each time. Her smart concepts and amazing body makes her a lady worthy of kneeling for!!

9 Ms. Chelshea Flo: On the Checkers

MsChelsheafI might say I’m not checkers fan, but this one is different. I never have any idea that checkers pattern will looks so captivate on this clutch. A simple design with some gold touch at edge and the straps. It is also quiet big for a clutch size ( at least I can put my wallet, phone, power bank, and a lipstick ). Honestly, this clutch is an old stuff that I found in my wardrobe not long ago, and I wonder why’d this gem just abandoned like this, so I picked it back, lol.

wore this clutch when I had a little hang out, completed with light weighted denim tank, blue leaves necklace, high waist-ed short culotte, and a white platform shoes. I thought this checkers clutch goes well with blue tones, what do you think?” of course I loved it Ms. Chelshea.

Ms.Chelshea flo from Indonesia, a full time designer/illustrator and a part time beauty product lover. Inspired by fashion, make up, and music.  her blog site Chelsheaflo is an amazing array of beauty and fashion. Bringing the beauty, cultural sophistication of the east in an adorable manner to kneel for!!

8 Ms. Eni Abeni: #Outfit: Off the shoulder white top by Sammydress


“Top off the shoulder, shorts ripped jeans, leather-colored espadrilles and a pair of brand new designer sunglasses Prada, gift of my love for my birthday. These are the basic components of this fresh and summery outfits, perfect for a day at the beach or the lake. And if you want to be fashion there is add a branded bag like the trunk Louis Vuitton et voila, exceeded beach try!
I hope you like it too and I hope that in your comments you can tell me what the head or accessory that you like this look” says Ms Eni , when she started her summer looks with style.

A captivating lady of glamour and style, Ms. Eni Abeni an Albanian by birth and Italian by adoption. In love with Italy history and culture, cuisine and of course wine. Dreaming to live in Barcelona. And of course in deep love with her alpha.

Ms. Eni Abeni a self confessed stubborn perfectionist and nothing less than perfect in her Eniwhere Fashion blog.

7 Ms. Raquel Cano: THE MILITAR TEE

MsRaquelf“wasn’t sure about posting this look because it is quite simple and normal, but then I though it was actually one of the looks I was the comfiest during the whole vacation. The good thing about wearing basics on summer is that you can dress up the look with accessories, a little bag or backpack, sunnies and it looks cool. I loved the spot we choose for those pictures because it feels that in some of them I can get mixed with the background, which I like because I love the fact of having a look that matches with the background or that becomes part of it.

As you can see the protagonist is the green crop top and the outfit is built around it. At the beginning I wanted to use black shorts and a pair of converse but, once you are in there you realize it is not the best thing to wear in a Island, I used them a lot in Bali but in Gili it didn’t make any sense so I had to modify the outfit completely.

I choose this sunnies from Bel&Cia because I love the see through frame and the green glasses, they just work amazingly in every outfit if I am honest, they are beautiful!”, Says Ms Raquel and I am happy that she decided to blog that amazing look

No simple words can describe Ms Raquel Cano, a superior lady with five languages, a degree in art, exquisitely talented, great body and creatively inspiring.  While working as Visual Merchandiser, she finds time to indulge with her hobbies ranging from photography to travel to blogging and to spend time with her alpha.

Her re branded blog site RaquelCano in 2015 to become one of my year around inspiration with its classy look, artistic photography and admiring the superiority of Ms Raquel Cano.

6 Ms. Briana Nicole: Red, White & Sale

MsBrianafSpecial occasion when celebrated in style they will bring style creativity.  Ms. Briana Nicole brought hers “I am always down for a white shirt and blue jean shorts, that’s my go-to. I will always take any excuse to wear red lipstick as well. I wore just a really chill outfit since we were just going to go swimming and be with family. I also finally got to wear my converse in a post!

I have been following Ms. Brain Nicole for some time, a fun loving, always in for an adventure lady, natural approach to her blogs with smart mind and great body.  A member of Gamma Chi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta at university.  Her blogs are fascinating with ideas from travel, to thoughts, to plans to any thing really, always with great style and amazing looks

5 Ms. Gabriela Grebska: Jeans Styling

MsGabrielaf“The last days spent in Warsaw among three nice girls . Time I think is very successful, because in the end I was able to learn a little more places in Warsaw – daily przemierzałyśmy about 10-15 km in search of interesting places! Could not do without a visit to the Golden Terraces, where so obłowiłam that later barely lock it his suitcase … It’s quite strange, because in the last few visits to galleries anything I did not like and I left empty-handed. One of the novelties is the denim jacket with today’s post, which I catch in Dorothy Perkins. It has long been looking for this, so terribly glad!” says Ms Gabriela, exploring Warsaw with that amazing look and extremely sexy body.

This finance and accounting students have more than numbers in her mind, a life full of travel, fashion inspiration, horseback riding, photography and healthy eating, Ms. Gabriela Grebska passion and artistic inspirations have a start with her amazing mind and great sexy body but no ending!!!  I have reviewed some of her post in previous years and I am I religiously visit her amazing site “Kolorwa Dusza ” translated into colors of the soul, almost weekly and never getting enough!

4 Ms. Santina Harrison: Back to basics: chunky knit x fray jeans

MsSantinafMy go to weekend uniform consists of denim jeans — and often a coffee in hand! I consider denim jeans as an absolute wardrobe staple and with that in mind I like to dress back to basics especially for the weekend. My two new favourite purchases are these super beautiful 7 for all mankind jeans — Josie boyfriend fray hem (similar here) — which I managed to grab in the sale from The ! The majority of my jeans are from 7 for all mankind and the Josie pair are a relaxed, boyfriend style with a fray hem perfect for fall as well as being super comfortable!” says Ms Santina.  Taking a casual look and turning it in to something so special is a trade mark of Ms. Santina, love these jeans with fray hem and that open back top, just superb.

Ms. Santina Harrison is an enthusiast of all things fashion, beauty and interior design, with a mission to make people inspired by her blog and feel beautiful. She started Hues of White in September 2016 and opted to be a full time blogger. Her personal styling insights are obvious through out her blogs, her ease of delivery of  concepts via visual and text is amazing.

3 Ms. Marwa Alawieh: Mad for Plaids

MsMarwaf“Let’s start with the skirt. The moment I came across this button down denim skirt, I knew I’d met a new favorite I’ll have around for the rest of the year. Whether paired with a classic T-shirt or a button down shirt, it’s one skirt that stands the test of time. And speaking of timelessness, I have a thing for high-waisted… anything really… but especially skirts. I’ve found that the cut accentuates the smallest part of your waist, which always lends to a lovely silhouette. In fact, I think it’s safe to say this outfit embodies my personal style pillars: Pick classic silhouettes. Add feminine details. Keep colors simple and accessories minimal.

Next up? A plaid button-down shirt.These bad boys have been around for a few years, and from the looks of it, they’re not going anywhere. I’ve owned (and loved) one in red for a few winters, but held out on a second color for the longest time, just sure they’d eventually go out of style. Silly me… you can never have enough plaid.”  Says Ms. Marwa as she describes her amazing outfit. That skirt is worthy of kneeling for!!

Ms. Marwa Alawieh is a lady with bright mind and passion for beauty and bright things. “Fashion Escapades is my virtual scrapbook, my therapeutic outlet, my ongoing personal novel, and my dearest form of expression.”. An Electrical and computer engineer with enough bytes to rule the world!!

2 Ms. Sapphire Needham: Double Denim


I felt very madonna in this blog post, with my curly bangs and bandana in my hair, I just wanted to get my karaoke machine out and start singing Vogue, but instead I took pictures for my blog. If you can tell from my instagram, I am slightly obsessed with curly hair at the moment, don’t worry this won’t be a regular occurrence as I need a lot of patience and time to curl my hair. I think it looks really cool and different, I feel like such an 80’s chick! Although I have had a lot of failures when curling my hair. Let’s just say I went downstairs and my mum burst out laughing at me.. so that was a great first attempt for curly hair. Although sometimes I think maybe these curls may be too much? I guess as my hair is up it’s less in your face ? 

Two outfit posts in one week, i’m on a roll.. Happy Saffy, I hope to post more regularly like this week. For this post I was lucky enough to have a nice catch up with an old blogging friend Beth, who has a blog two. BLOG POWER! It’s nice having a blog buddy and someone you can go to a cafe with and for ages try and get that perfect instagram before actually eating and without them getting annoyed as of course they’re doing the same thing 😉 ” Says Ms. Sapphire.  This amazing look reminisces of Madonna with modernity and this great body ton kneel for!!

There is not mistaken it when you looking for out of the ordinary  inspiration Sapphire Says is the place to go. An art loving model, actor, photographer: Ms. Sapphire Needham spread her creative abilities across her multiple passion in film, photography and fashion.    With such talent, skill and mindset sky is the limit for Ms. Sapphire Needham.

1 Ms. Amy Ramirez: Backless

MsAmyfNobody I have seen can pull that look with that confidence.  Ms. Amy Ramirez have been an idol for me, with her amazing talent, great body that can present with superiority and arrogance any look. Have a sensual connotation with such a look requires Ms. Amy talent that she build through the years.

Backless! I don’t know what it is exactly but backless garments are my
favorites, my eyes go straight to them in a shop and I really have a weakness for them.
This bodysuit is one of the best backless garments that I’ve seen and it was definitely love at first sight.” stated Ms Amy

Not only that creativity is natural to Ms. Amy Ramirez , but it is driven by her passion for fashion.  From her early modelling days in Spain, her talent captured a lot of attention.  Mine included from MFW days in 2011 with that bare foot cat walk that she mastered with elegance, confidence and superiority beyond belief.

While others may be satisfied with the glamour of a modelling career, her superiority and desire to express herself  led her to establishing her own blog TOKS.  The site is a fountain of inspiration, glamour, creativity and warmhearted  approach.  Not to be missed.


Congratulation to the ladies above and looking forward to a new year filled with kneeling for such great ladies.

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