And Sometimes We Get a Glimpse of Goddesses Denim

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My 2017 Top 10 Blogs, with Denim

2017 was a year full of creative looks, blogs and styles. Following around 400 amazing fashion and beauty  bloggers , I could not but admire the amazing posts they have shared… with massive number of posts with Denim in them. Making my task to review the top 10 almost impossible.

Usually, my reviews are restrained by the number of bloggers accepting that I review them on my blog; considering its submissive nature, something I fully understand.  This year I was overwhelmed by the volume of acceptance I have received – almost 100% increase from last year.  A reflection, I believe, of the confidence, the open mindedness and acceptance of different views, something that makes happy I follow such great ladies.

I should say that the review in here, is limited to the blogs I follow regularly, reflecting my own personal submissive views, and limited to the great ladies that allowed me to review their blog.  I am sure that each thought, look, style, blog post shared in 2017 adds great content and inspiration in its own right.

I always view Denim as a representation of freedom.  There is something about it that express modesty, simplicity, sex appeal and depending how it is paired; elegance and sophistication. Before boring you more and make this post about myself, rather than acknowledging the amazing bloggers below.  My Top 10 blog posts with Denim from 2017 are:

10 My Thanksgiving Break and Thanksgiving Day Outfits, By Mz. Alamo City Sara

Mz Sara

Mz Sara1

Mz Sara 2

Mz Sara Home

Mz Sara Insta

9 Sunny Santa Barbara, by Mz. Lena Juice

Mz Lena Juice

Mz Lena 1

Mz Lena 2




8 AFTER 5 PM Results #OOTD, by Mz. Alexandra Vaman

Mz Alexandra Vaman

Mz Aleandra 1

Mz Alexnadra 2




7 Najbardziej zmysłowe piosenki, które poznałam w ciągu mojego życia – część XXVII , By Mz. Ariadna Majewska

Mz Ariadna Majewska

Mz Ariandra1

Mz Arianda 2



6 Summer essentials, by Mz. Amy Ramirez

Mz Amy Ramirez

Mz AmyRamiraz1

Mz Amy 2




5 Shorts Vaqueros Mickey Mouse, by Mz. Arien Ruiz

Mz Arien Ruiz

Mz Arien 1

Mz Arien 2



4 Denim x floral bomber, by Mz Saadia

Mz Saadia

Mz Saadia 1

Mz Saadia 2



3 Diventare fashion blogger – Come Collaborate con le aziende (parte seconda), by Mz. Elisa Zanetti

Mz Elisa Zanetti

Mz Elisa 1

Mz Elisa 2


2 Hello Spring,   By Mz. Cosmina B.

Mz Cosmina B

Mz Cosmina Header

Mz Cosmina




1 COACHELLA FESTIVAL DAY 3!, by Mz. Radostina Blagoeva

Mz Radostina Blagoeva

Mz Radi 1

Mz Radi 2



Please keep me kneeling in 2018… I am sure you will…….

13 thoughts on “And Sometimes We Get a Glimpse of Goddesses Denim

    1. I loved your laid back outfit! I’ve been wanting to get shoes like the ones you had on in your featured outfit. They look comfortable and versatile.

    2. You have such a great blog that is full of inspo and amazing content. I am so honored to have been able to review such a great work

  1. Reblogged this on Alamo City Sara and commented:
    I am very honored to have been featured in this wonderful blog that features denim looks by different bloggers! Every outfit was beautiful and expresses a different style. A must read if you need some style inspo!

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I’m so honored and thankful to be included in this great post, that features denim looks by different bloggers. Take a look !

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