The Power In Her Shoes

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My top 2017 posts with Shoes that kept me kneeling.

Endless love for shoes, and how not when the shoes we wear says and means so much. It affects our psychology. our mood,  look and confidence.

Is our obsession with shoes  because of Cinderella and her search for that shoe; or there is more to it than that?

Wearing a specific high heels can portray feeling of status and power, they do make ladies feel taller and more confident. “Strutting her stuff” in new pair of shoes is a feeling many ladies relate to.  We feel that we look good just because we are in the right pair of shoes.  Shoes help shape our posture, delivering the image that we aim to portray: attractive, practical, sexy…!! showing lady arch of dominance, how much of it? or non at all; is subconscious decision that a lady takes along with each occasion and look.

Foot fetishes, I read somewhere, results from the fact that the part of the brain that responsible for our sexual stimulation is located close to the brain part that responsible for our feet.  I guess we get cross wired, a lot, and feel that feet are so sexy.

The listing below is selected from bloggers I follow regularly; showing shoes that I adored in 2017.  It is a view, from my submissive male perspective, not considering only the shoes in the particular post, but the whole look and the post in its entirety.   In many of them, you will find that the shoes was not the main item the blogger wanted to showcase.

I am sure all 2017 posts have been great and they stand out in certain way. The listing below is only relative to my own submissive male perspective;  looking at bloggers that I regularly follow and they have been courageous and open minded enough to let me showcase their posts.  Something I am so honored and privileged to do.

I leave you with my selection of top 2017 posts with the shoes i knelt for:

10 – Look do Dia: Vestido Branco e Vermelho, By Mz. Cristiana Nobrega


Mz Cristina Nobrega



The lovely red and white forever 21 dress is stunning, complimented by that nude sandals.  I love Mz. Cristiana choice of simple sandal that really reveal a full arch of dominance which is quite formed .

Love the simplicity of the faded brown make up that really reflects an all day solution. A stunning look and perfect arch of Mz. Cristiana dominating the look!

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MzAlicja2Mz Alicja Anigacz



There is something out of the ordinary and mainstream about this look: the cropped polka dot top, the woolly coat, checkered scarf, right! it is not what one would pick up to wear together ! but Mz. Alicja decided to take these  items and yet,  combine them with these, to kneel for red stilettos, creating that terrific look, well done Mz. Alicja.

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8 – Make, cabelo e look Primavera!, By Mz. Bruna Virginia da Silva


Mz Bruna Virginia da Silva



A spring look with the verbals, the flowing kimono,  that amazing light blue cropped top and those jeans.  The caramel color gladiators is something that receives with grace her amazing legs and feet, continuing with the awesome scene.

A great spring / summer inspiration that Mz. Bruna introduced while she have the make up on point in her You Tube video!

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7 – Street Style: Black Dress; By Mz. Liudmila Carta


Mz Lindmila Carta



That look brimming with femininity and  confidence, was my first thought when I seen her amazing post in September last year.  Complimenting her sexy body with perfect choice of skirt length and these simple, yet when combined with the whole look amazing black heels.  The heels choice has pumped the look to other level.

The message that Mz. Liudmila delivers in this posy, that your length of skirt or choice of clothing in general, is not dependent on your age, but rather on your body shape and your feeling about it, a message with great significance.

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6 – Pinstripes & Pompoms, By Mz. Kelly Anne Bingham


Mz Kelly Anne Bingham



I had to wonder if it was these amazing specs  and the way they fit Mz. Kelly Anne face or that blue play-suit or the amazing figure and legs; or that cute wall that draw my attention. But those sandals and how they receive her magnificent legs and feet, while not the focus of the post, definitely reflect her amazing sense of style.

The sense of freedom that the whole look presents from the various elements to the combination and that smile that reflects inner beauty.

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5 – Outfit: Marine-Look Ahoi!, By Mz. Alice Stark


Mz Alice Stark



What an amazing navy look and great choice of header.  The blue and red theme along with the strips is a classical look that is trendy and Mz. Alice managed to put it in a great light. What did I say about her creativity and being a source of inspiration is setting such a great trend.

Her impeccable choice of red shoes with that cute strap and the showing of amazingly formed arch of dominance is super.

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4 – Diventare fashion blogger – Tre lezioni da imparare da Chiara Ferragni, By Mz. Elisa Zanelti


Mz Elisa Zanetti



Initially, I never took up to slip ons, the more I have seen them being used by great ladies, the more I realized their beauty and sexy style, when they selected properly. Mz. Elisa choice is impeccable and how she managed to style it with this amazing ripped jeans add beauty to her sexy look.

I adore how she clearly portrays her arch of dominance , this is a look that meant to be stunning and it ended up way more than that.

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MzEbba1Mz Ebba Zingmark



Throwing ourselves with the flow, breaking free from our everyday restrictive clothing styles and yet producing such a lovely look is grand. I am huge fan of Dr. Marten’s, the way Mz Ebba styled it with that combination is beyond amazing.  The choice of fishnets combined with apparent white rim give this a big thumbs up.

I love the free flowing feeling of that oversized jumper and the choice of colors, Mz. Ebba always inspiring with her choices. A fabulous creative look!!

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2 – Fishnet, By Mz. Eleine Pereria


Mz Eleine



I am pretty sure the fishnets were paramount in my decision to choose this particular post, the way that superb plaid shorts meets the fishnets that compliment her sexy legs and how the black heels offer the continuity of the glamor look.  Letting a bit of the arch of dominance on show.

I am in awe of her looks, particularly the choice of color palates, always on target with amazing combination that her amazing body and creative looks portray.

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1 – How to mix and match colors and accessories in a classy way, By Mz. Ghynwa Skayem





Mz. Ghynwa had managed to transcend these magical high heeled sandals in to masterpiece. The way she combined them with, with that dress and its subtle floral patterns, is absolutely creative. She created a combined look; where each element or accessory is prominent, appealing and sexy in its own right, including her french nails.

One can not dismiss the classy nature of the look, consistent with Mz. Ghynwa’s style.  I love it how her underlying style is always strongly presented in her looks, focusing on edgy, creative, great work with colors and accessories and fit for her sexy body.

Her superb choice of high heeled sandals, with amazing straps with such color and shine and they way they receive her amazing feet combined with that look is beyond fab. with captions like “Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition – Timothy Leary” I would love to see much more of her posts!

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Thanks for the great posts and allowing me to review them and please keep me kneeling in 2018!!

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