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My fourth review and one that is so dear to my heart.

I have noticed that 2017 had more posts with bare feet from the bloggers i usually follow, which among many other things indicates more confidence, connection to nature and releasing the sexiness of bare feet.

I said in my previous blog “The Power in Her Shoes” that in some research, they found that the areas responsible for our arousal and our feet are neighbors in the brain, and it could be that is why bare feet are considered sexy by many.

Each 2017 post is amazing on its own right, and this listing is limited to the bloggers I regularly follow and have more than two clear pictures of bare feet.  This is from a submissive male perspective and limited only the amazing ladies that have allowed me to review their 2017 blogs.

Below is the listing of my top 2017 blogs with bare feet.

X – arktyczna pielęgnacja LUMENE, By Mz. Alicja Anigacz


Mz Alicja Anigacz


MzAlicja2Is it the happiness and freedom of the beach that helps our inner feeling of confidence soar?  Mz. Alicja taking it to the beach, fully protected reflecting on her skin care experience, but leaving us with great post.

The amazing bare feet shots, shows her amazing arch of dominance with utmost clarity.  Her confidence, since of freedom and connection to nature is so apparent through out the whole post.

This is my second review of her blog, and in each time I flt there is something overwhelming about her ability to inspire looks and review products. In a direct manner and with awesome pictures.

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IX – I Want To Recall, By Mz. Jehan Mohammad


Mz Jehan Mohammad


MzJehan2There is something so captivating about Mz. Jehan blog, the way she takes us along in her travel blogs across the Philippines and further is nicely descriptive with photography that captures , not only the big things, but also the smallest details that shows the intrinsic beauty or culture significance of the place.

Sincere and direct is how I like to describe her posts. In this posts she takes along to her hello summer ceremony, sharing her thoughts and amazing photography of her bare feet that will stand the test of the season.


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VIII – Off Shoulder Bikini – Tendenza moda mare estate 2017, By Mz. Elisa Zanetti


Mz Elisa Zanetti


MzElisa2Nothing more representing the the amazing body than a white bikini in a summer day.  That amazing feeling for summer joy coupled with the confidence and amazing sexy bare feet.

This is the third time that Mz. Elisa appears in my 2017 review, well a blogger who have a wide variety of posts that teases inspiration and shines in creativity.

The demonstration of bare feet in this post in that sexy take has  shown how sexy sexy feet can be.

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VII – CALIFORNIA TRAVEL DIARY!, By Mz. Radostina Blagoeva


Mz Radostina Blagoeva


MzRadi2Always loved the detailed, creatively crafted description of items in her posts.  Dialing in some written noise in to her looks always feels warmer and closer to heart.

Matching looks to situations with advice on what to wear best in each is a great skill she posses, among many others. Inspirational with lots of links to shop these amazing looks.

This post reflects amazing confidence, freedom and sexy elegance.  Each piece she selected and these sexy bare feet pictures is something that can not be forgotten easily.


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VI – Last Dance, By Mz. Eleine Pereira


Mz Eleine


MzEleine2Love her blog that is filled with incredible inspirations, edgy styles at times and great colors combinations at all times.  Her choice of shades of colors always intrigued me and her crisp clear pictures with fabulous backgrounds that she always insist to have in her posts.

Items in all her posts, are clearly marked for ease of reference for any one who wants to buy the look.

This post marking her last dance with summer in this amazing white bikini, not easy to make, but stunning look with amazing sexy bare feet.

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V – Vara 2017: Cum să-ți pregătești pielea pentru expunerea la soare, By Mz. Liudmila Carta


Mz Lindmila Carta


MzMila2Her journalism backgrounds, her creativity, the inspirations and subjects in her posts, her great figure and sexy legs or a combination of its all that keeps me coming to her blog.  This is my second review of some of her wonderful work from 2017 and it is amazing to be able to review such great work from a great lady.

In this post, one can not but see the incredible confidence, the great white outfit and the relaxed summer in the air adding to all of that  the amazing photography showing her sexy bare feet is not easily forgotten.


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IV – Tropical Soul, By Mz. Chelshea flo


Mz Chelshea


MzChelshea2With another four bloggers Mz. Chelshea welcomes summer with this amazing post.  A melody of colors and layering to die for. The joy of having the sun and summer showing through the looks of all five great bloggers.

A great blogger that I was honored to review last year, her posts are showing great inspirations year after year.

The bare feet photography added confidence, portrayed that summer freedom feeling and sexy bare feet.


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III – Granatowe legginsy i szary sportowy stanik, By Mz. Ariandna Majewska

Mz Ariadna Majewska



Behind or in front of the camera, Mz. Ariadna is as brilliant as it could be.  Great passion for great photography with elegance and style. This is coupled with cultural backgrounds that is not easy to come across, always result in a post after post of sheer brilliance.  Artistic philosophy, if that term do exist, is a quality of her posts and her outlook to life.

I reviewed her posts of 2016 last year and they were amazing, this year, this is my second review of one her work of art.

Taking it to the square in her active fit, and having the photo shots in the square with her amazing bare feet is something beyond beautiful and sexy.


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II – JUNGLE DIVA / Thai Memories, By Mz. Carmen Grebenisan


Mz Carmen Grebenisan



An influencer, model, fashion, style, travel and beauty blogger.  Her posts and vlogs are excitingly fun with loads of inspirations and exciting ideas.  I love how she could include cultural and social dimensions through her posts.  Her story telling abilities makes her posts great place to get hooked and get inspired.

This post out of Thailand, taking us not only through her journey but adding cultural significance to locations and events, with detailed explanations.

A real diva, leaving us with this pictures of the splendid place with her sexy bare feet dominating the scenes for me.  The photography is apparent reminder of her superiority.

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I – Each morning we are born again, By Mz. Andra ContiuMzAndra

Mz Andra Contiu



Philosophy, love, deep thinking, fashion, travel, love or simply living happily, Mz. Andra covers it all in her amazing blog. What a creative thinker with sophisticated positive views of our world.

Confidence, freedom, connection to earth and life: taking  it to the roof tops, bare footed, to start a new day a new chapter and celebrate life .

A great post with these superb pictures of bare feet freedom that awed me in 2017.

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Am amazing line up of great bloggers that I was honored to review, please keep me kneeling in 2018!!

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